Today’s Sparkle Video is from one of our favorite TV shows, Musikladen, however this clip is from 1983 when they clearly had a lot more money to spend on production.  Sure, it’s only a theory, but I think it’s supported by the inclusion of a slick, snazzy and sparkly show open and a full-on neon light-up stage (as compared to the old tinsel and foil backdrops sometimes used in the 70’s).  However, the most obvious kick in the budget surely went to the slew of ladies dressed in “dancing school fabulous” hired to shimmy and shake along to the performing guests who, right now, happens to be Trax.   I think it’s totally appropriate that a man singing “Get ready ‘cuz here I come..” should make use of a dazzling sequin lightning bolt that leads straight down to a spectacularly large codpiece, in a “driving the statement home” kind of way.  The drummer also knows his way around an outfit, as he made a fabulous choice in wearing his spaced-out best.  I guess the other two guys didn’t get the sparkle memo, but it’s okay because the hotties dancing around them kind of steal the show anyway.  Especially the girl in the super hero number who remembered to include the most important fashion accessory of all time- Space Cuffs (get some!).