Only the legendary Marc Almond could combine sequin overload and ballerinas with a beautiful romantic ballad and come away with something so magical.  Thanks to his never ending supply of sparkle outfits, he is a regular on Sparkle Video day, but this is truly one of his most glittering ensembles ever.  The fact that it wasn’t enough just to wear sparkles from head to toe and that he chose to add exploding dazzle graphics all over him to accentuate the look confirms once again why he is one of my favorite artists of all time.  Now, take all of that and throw in the voice of an angel from heaven and you’ve got yourself a KABLAM!


Flashback Christmas Medleys

Let the celebrations begin!  Well, actually the parties started on December 1st really, however now it’s officially Christmas Eve.  That means it’s time to crack open the champagne, fire up the fire, get the disco ball spinning and put some Flashback Christmas Medleys on the stereo.  These are some of the best holiday disco arrangements I’ve heard and they’re so sparkly sounding that they’ve inspired me to wear full sequins tonight (like I wasn’t going to anyway!).  Wishing all the fabulous Sparkle Soldiers everywhere a dazzlingly magical Holiday!



Today’s Sparkle Video puts me in rocket ship and transports me straight back to the 80’s where I’m dancing to mysterious and moody synth music while moving my arms in weird motions just like everyone else on the dance floor (or so someone told me about this who was alive back then anyway).   Propoganda’s “P Machine” is truly one of those haunting songs that delivers tingle after tingle, but then I take a look at this clip and get slightly distracted.  I mean, why are these ladies dressed like librarians?.  Can you imagine the effect a couple of glistening black catsuits adorned with space collars and cuffs would have added to this stage of turning gears and sparkling pyrotechnics?   I certainly can- I see it very clearly and it’s Kablam-tastic!

Vintage Sparkle Shoes: APPROVED!


I’ve been snapping photos of sparkley things for about a month now as the holiday season brings us a glorious abundance of dazzling gems in every shop window.  Unfortunately- I also get distracted easily so I’ve been remiss in posting about my delightful finds.  That is until tonight.  Behold these ultra fabulous Vintage Sparkle Shoes I spotted sitting in the window of Amarcord in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!  “Be still my mirror-tiled heart”, I thought as they instantly transported me back to glamour days of old Hollywood and beyond.  While I love all sparkle shoes, these stunners run rings around their modern countperparts because they’re silver sling backs, they’re made with rhinestones and they’re APPROVED!


Today’s Sparkle Video from the Village People employs some of the oldest disco tricks in the book, and no, I’m not talking about the guys in the group!  I’m talking about a steady disco beat accented by a non stop spinning disco ball.  It was also shot on film which adds the loving embrace of a softened resolution which tends to make everyone look fabulous.  Then, add the fact that the boys are looking tip top hot and singing with dazzling passion about that legendary city of “gaydom”, San Francisco.  All of these magical elements are truly the stuff that disco classics are made of!


It’s Sparkle Video day once again and today’s clip has me swimming in sparkle covered nostalgia.  I’m a fan of Shalamar everything as they take me instantly back to my youth but this song in particular has always been my favorite.  Perhaps “Second Time Around” is so special because it’s got the catchiest of melodies alongside the sweetest message to stop holding back and just give love another try.   Also, there’s no denying its fabulous “sing-a long factor” as my neighbors can surely attest to.  Then you take all of these musical facts and add the visuals of Shalamar (featuring the gorgeous Jody Watley) covered in mirror tiles and sequins accentuated by glorious star filters.  The whole presentation is so blindingly spectacular and the most perfect way to start a dazzling friday!