Hello World!

“Hello World!”  Yes, this is the generic post title supplied when you first start a blog, and instead of deleting it,  I thought it quite approriate for the maiden voyage of Join The Sparkle Army!   Having my very own platform to cater to my whims, fancies and obsessions has been a goal for some time, but so many things kept getting in the way (parties, dancing, dancing and parties!).  While it does take Da General a little longer sometimes- the results are always smashing- don’t you agree?   I promise that this blog will be devoted to only the most DAZZLING and SPARKLE-WORTHY topics.  Best of all, you will no longer have to be on myspace or facebook to get your Friday Sparkle Video OR information on any upcoming events (a.k.a parties we are having!).  So my Soldiers, I devote this blog to all of you- for without you,  the Sparkle Army could not exist- so SPARKLE PROUD and remember: MORE IS MORE!