Today’s sparkle video features disco legend Celi Bee and her back up dancers performing “Hold Your Horses” in a fierce spandex explosion.   Celi is one of my style icons with her slicked hair, disco-tastic makeup and fabulous fashion sense.  She’s like a living, breathing Fiorucci illustration that twists, moves and poses on a stage of flashing lights that makes her rhinestone accents blink and sparkle madly.  It’s perfection as it should be, especially in 1979, the year of disco!

Disco Ball Rings: APPROVED!

I’ve been doing a lot of sparkle shopping lately because as you know, another Join the Sparkle Army party is happening on November 10th, so I like to pick up some extra dazzle just in case.  As in, just in case I feel like wearing an over-sized cocktail ring made with a giant Disco Ball!  What a great way to let everyone around you know that you’re the life of the party all the time.  That you’re always up for extra late nights filled with endless dancing, equally endless cocktails, glittering outfits and fabulous jewelry that is APPROVED!



My good friend Monster Ronson and I get so excited while putting together another fabulous Join The Sparkle Army party that sometimes we make a little video so that everyone else can get excited too.  This sparkling advertisement turned out to be such a delightful disco commercial for our night of dazzling on the dance floor that it was the obvious choice for today’s Sparkle Video.  It features Berlin’s own nightlife superstars Joost & Jackee Word in sparkling outfits, gobs of glitter from outer space and yours truly, Da General.  Enjoy Soldiers- and I hope to see you all on November 10!

Disco Palace: APPROVED!

This photo was found on the world wide web by NYC legend Mother Krunk, who knows full well that mirror-tiled anything must be immediately reported to Da General.  This is a fantasy I like to call the Disco Palace because it sparkles in such a blinding way, it’d be dangerous if it wasn’t so darn fabulous!  It’s got everything: a disco unicorn, a sequined princess, I want to live there forever and it’s APPROVED!


Have I mentioned I was in the KC & The Sunshine Band Fan Club as a child?  I’m sure I have and today’s Sparkle Video is a perfect example why.  First I have to mention the Donny & Marie Show because I love everything about it: the 70’s “light up” set design, the sparkling glamor of the siblings and an extra special HOLLA for Marie’s super chic short hair!  However, that’s nothing compared to the sparkle onslaught behind the curtain.  Harry Wayne Casey and his band are a bedazzled force to be reckoned with as they move and shake all over that stage asking “Do You Feel Alright?”.  One thing’s for sure, and that’s that they totally feel alright because each and every one of them is dazzling in their famous colorful rhinestone outfits.  They even brought along two lovely ladies dressed in the height of disco fashion just to drive their message of fabulosity home.  Message received KC!  Message received!

Join the Sparkle Army: NOVEMBER 10, 2012!

It’s that time again Soldiers!  In one month I’ll be packing up my sequins, getting on a jet plane and heading straight to Berlin for my favorite night of the year…

Join The Sparkle Army on November 10, 2012 at Monster Ronson’s in fabulous Friedrichshain!

You are all cordially invited to pledge your devotion to the Word of Glitter along with me, Da General, and the dashing Master of Ceremonies, Monster Ronson himself.  Together we’ll be hosting another night of dazzling on the dance floor under disco balls and laser beams and it’s sure to be an extra sparkling night!  The evening kicks off with Berlin’s own Juan of a Kind who’s sure to put you in a party state of mind and special guest and dancing sensation,Jackee Word, is going to show us all how to get down tonight!   A LIVE performance from the The Supermen Lovers is going to blow your mind!  They’re taking their private spaceship all the way the way from Galaxy Francais (that’s France!) just to make you shake your booty so hard, it just might fall off.  But don’t let it- because you’re gonna need it for when DJ Massimiliano Pagliara takes over the decks and spins you into a dancing vortex with an ultra galactic disco set!  All of the most dazzling things in one place, for just one night…  and it’s going to be LEGENDARY!

Oh and did I mention that you should wear sparkles?  Not only because it’s approved, but because we’ll also be giving one lucky soldier a 50 Euro bar tab prize for being the sparkliest spaced out sparkle slut in the joint.  Plus, those who glitter get in free before midnight so be sure to sparkle up so you can party down…  with all of us!

It all happens on that magical date 10-11-12 at 23 Uhr …..  That’s November 10, 2012 at 11pm for my fellow non- europeans!

@ Monster Ronsons
Warschauerstrasse 34

I can’t wait to see you!







Today’s Sparkle Video is a classic among classics and easily one of the most legendary dance tracks of all time.  It’s also a very special song to yours truly and brings back many dazzling memories, but I won’t bore you with the sparkling details.  Let’s just sum it up by saying it was after hours, they had a jukebox and I had a lot of coins.  Which means “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” got played a lot and it was a magical soundtrack to a magical morning!   Yes, that bar was filled with gobs of happy dancing people, because who could resist that trance-like bass line that moves in motion just like Indeep‘s glorious 80’s disco chic?  No one!