I’ve recently realized that I need more Jimmy Bo Horne in my life and and what better time to start than Sparkle Video day.   “You Get Me Hot” is 4 minutes and 5 seconds of pure “I dare you to sit down while you listen to this” funk, which is taken to the max by a room full of ultra cool Soul Train dancers.  So cool, that even though there is nary a sequin in sight on the dance floor, everyone of them sparkles in a wave of brightness that is truly magical.  Then there’s the man, Mr. Horne, who is beaming at us through a mirrored disco ball which is a dazzling vintage effect that I hope comes back into television fashion very soon (I know American Idol could sure use the ratings boost!).  I think I’m going to spend today playing this on a loop because I can’t get enough nor can I sit down because even though it’s only morning, Living Room Disco is in full effect thanks to Jimmy Bo!



Today’s Sparkle Video is one of the sexiest and most hypnotic disco songs ever.  It’s the kind you want to be playing while you dazzle on the dance floor to a never ending extended mix because everything about this track is on point.  Starting with the steady beat of the intro, the kick-in of melodically haunting background vocals and then, of course,  Sylvester’s legendary falsetto yearning for the man he loves.  He is competing for his lover with a woman who can buy him diamonds and all kinds of fancy gifts, while he has nothing to offer but his love.  Intense, right?  So intense that while there are many so many other Sylvester videos where he is dripping in sequins, this clip was chosen even though here he sits in a proper man’s suit with only the smallest accents of fabulous.  His clever addition of a sparkling silver tie and a coat worn over his shoulders in “cape style” fashion lets you know that he is no ordinary man hanging out in a bar, but that he is the better choice and he knows it.   Sure-  do I wish he was in a bedazzled catsuit?  Yes.  Does it matter?  NO.




I had a dream last night- and in my dream, “Open Sesame” by Kool and the Gang was today’s Sparkle Video.  Since I’m one to always listen to my dreams, I got up this morning and went to my computer straight away for “the search”.  It took a bit of time, lots of coffee and boundless sparkling determination, but I found it.  Hidden away because of a wayward spelling (Cool instead of Kool), this clip rivals the one in my dream for fabulosity.  It truly gives a proper visual display to not only one of their best songs, but also one of the best on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.  Check it: flashing lights, gobs of billowing smoke, almost the entire band wearing silver capes and the lead singer as one bad-ass metallic genie from head to toe.  Always listen to your dreams Soldiers!


Fashion Darling

Another Fashion Week is winding down here in NYC and while the past few days have been filled with gobs of endless glamor, one show dazzles above them all.  The Blonds are Sparkle Army favorites because they take the idea of “More is More” and shove it in your pretty face.  This creative and fabulous duo would never dream of “toning it down” for any reason and all I have to say to that is “HOLLA!”  I especially love their undersea galactica theme (I just made that up!) this season which made all the girls into hot blonds embellished with glimmering stars, deep sea jewels and strategically placed plexiglass lipstick tubes.















Another reason to love The Blonds is that they also design for our favorite fashion doll.  Officially named “The Blonds Blond Diamond™ Barbie®, she has never looked more sparkle-tastic than in this rhinestone encrusted number with matching sparkle shoes, sexy side swept hair and dramatically long (and thankfully not real) fur coat.  All together now… KABLAM!


Today’s Sparkle Video is a fabulous fashion onslaught of mad proportion.  Earth, WInd & Fire, aside from their supreme funkiness, have always been known for wearing incredible outfits and this clip is no exception.  It starts from the very beginning with band members in “O.T.T.”  getups playing those infamous beginning notes and then- we are hit with the amazing female backup singers.  It’s pure magic when they shout “Dance!” while they flail their multicolored chiffon wings and shake their black bedazzled tops and skin tight red spandex pants all over the place.  Then KABLAM!  Enter the lead singer, in his slim fitting white jumpsuit (with clever neckline to show off his manly chest), covered in so many glimmering sequins it’s almost too much!  But it never is… is it, Soldiers?  Like I said in the beginning, it’s a stage filled with dazzling fabulosity, which is truly the only way to go if you’re going sing about that glorious place known as “Boogie Wonderland”.

Disco Dancing Tonight


One word that comes to mind when looking through “Disco Dancing Tonight” by Andy Blackford, is “lurex” because this shimmering metallic yarn is woven into many of the outfits featured throughout this literary gem.  Another word is “fascinating”, as this book begins with a very entertaining hypothetical situation where archaeologists of the future discover the ruins of night clubs and make some interesting, but incorrect deductions based on their findings.  However, soon after it moves on to the real message, which is that disco was “the single most important cultural influence of the decade”.

This book has gobs of photos of disco-tastic fashion (can you say spandex?), instructions for the hottest dance moves and information about the most famous night clubs so that people would know where to shake their booties in style.  I also love that it includes some of the lighting effects used back in 1979 to ensure party goers could dazzle on the dance floor and have the most fantastical night of their lives.  In fact, my favorite moment in the book comes in a paragraph that refers to light-up dance floors as “underfloor lighting” to “give a flashing chessboard effect”.  Get it?  They didn’t have the official name of “light up dance floor” yet- adorable!  Because of all the endless magic inside,  “Disco Dancing Tonight” is truly a fabulous addition to my already fabulous collection.