I’ve recently realized that I need more Jimmy Bo Horne in my life and and what better time to start than Sparkle Video day.   “You Get Me Hot” is 4 minutes and 5 seconds of pure “I dare you to sit down while you listen to this” funk, which is taken to the max by a room full of ultra cool Soul Train dancers.  So cool, that even though there is nary a sequin in sight on the dance floor, everyone of them sparkles in a wave of brightness that is truly magical.  Then there’s the man, Mr. Horne, who is beaming at us through a mirrored disco ball which is a dazzling vintage effect that I hope comes back into television fashion very soon (I know American Idol could sure use the ratings boost!).  I think I’m going to spend today playing this on a loop because I can’t get enough nor can I sit down because even though it’s only morning, Living Room Disco is in full effect thanks to Jimmy Bo!