Today’s Sparkle Video goes to show you how early we teach our youngsters to love dazzling under disco balls and dressing in sparkle outfits.  Not only that, but Cookie Monster is also teaching them a truly valuable lesson which is that loosing your cookie on the dance floor just happens sometimes.  I mean, who hasn’t gone out wanting to have a happy snappy good time, brought along our favorite cookie, but then got careless and lost it?  The endless wandering around in circles… hopelessly… not realizing that the guy with the devil horns already found it and ate it.  Yeah, you’re never too young to prepare for this kind of stuff.

Kitty Glitter Slot Machine: APPROVED!

This amazing vision was spotted in Las Vegas by devoted Sparkle Soldier Aaron while he was on one of those drunken weekend trips he likes to go on every weekend.  Luckily for us, all those cocktails didn’t get in the way of his sharp dazzle-scope eyes and now we have proof that Vegas is still a worth while trip even though the Liberace Museum is closed.  Knowing that two of my favorite things, kitties and glitter, have been immortalized in this electronic deity has me planning for retirement early.  I can’t think of a better way to lose gobs and gobs of hard earned money than playing the Kitty Glitter Slot Machine because it purrs, it sparkles and it is APPROVED!

Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: Bareback Action

Quite a slogan Bakers shoe company used in the late 70’s for their backless heels!  Who knew years ago that this term, spurred on by the growth of dangerous and lethal STD’s, would evolve into something XXX rated?  As funny as that is, what’s NOT funny is that these shoes were were all the rage: seen everywhere, worn by everyone.  Often when spotted at the disco (or even at local high schools across the country), they were paired with designer jeans like Sasson, Jordache or Gloria Vanderbilt and a halter or tube top.  Other choices to accompany these heels were DVF wrap dresses and various types of delightfully swingy skirts, especially those that covered bathing suits at fashionable pool parties.  They were sexy, comfortable and a legendary part of disco fashion.

btw…. I want a pair right now!


Today’s Sparkle Video was sent in after Wednesday’s post about Disco Mannequins.  It seems there’s a fetish out there for everything and these glimmering mirror-tiled ladies have their own devotedly decadent pack of male suitors. Not surprising, however, is that the President of the DMLS, or Disco Mannequin Love Society, is non other than Andy Gardiner, half of the superstar duo Den Haan.  I can totally see why he’s into this kink though, because there’s no way in the world a regular ol’ fleshy gal can compete with these exquisitely tall, sleek, perky breasted goddesses that beam and bounce light off their every curve and are gloriously always the “life of the party” (ironic, yes?).  As you can see here in “Magic Carillion”, the singing spandexed Rose is doing a bang-up job performing to a bunch of equally sassy deciples, but it doesn’t really matter because everyone knows the real star is in this video is that spinning sparkling alien behind her.

DMLS: I’m in!


Everyone who’s anyone knows that the weekend starts on Thursday so here’s a sparkling classic to get you in the mood.  You better get on up, you better get on down, you better make some contact tonight! Besides… it’s almost Friday!

Disco Mannequins: APPROVED!

This sparkling photo was submitted for approval by NYC legend Mother Krunk who said that these gorgeous creatures were so dazzling, he didn’t even notice where he saw them!  Turns out, they live in the window of a SoHo boutique owned by a reality TV star who will remain nameless. Why, you ask?  Because the Sparkle Army is Superstar Heavy, but CELEBRITY FREE! That’s right Soldiers, you don’t have to be a starf*cker to recognize that these “pyramid” mirror-tiled Disco Mannequins are not only fabulous, they are APPROVED!



Today’s Sparkle Video is once again from our favorite show of dazzle and delight- Musikladen.  Here we have the Dolly Dots not dressed in actual sparkles, but making their own way in the disco fashion world with an electric “peter-pan-warrior-princess” look.  It’s quite adorable seeing the full color explosion that’s happening on stage while they sass n’ shake like their hips like cheerleaders gone terribly wrong. They also get extra sparkle points for making use of an effect we don’t see much of anymore -the legendary strobe light moment.


Aries Onslaught

This month is one of my favorites of the year when almost everyone I know has a party because they are all awesomely ARIES. While I’m no astrologist, I can tell you that the Aries in my life are great friends, quirky optimists, dance floor demons and best of all, look fabulous in glitter and sequins!. So here’s a loving, dazzling “shout-out” to Rodger, Mark, Olivier, James, Miguel, Mickey and countless others who make this world a more sparkling place to live… Happy BirthdayS!

art by KAGAYA


I don’t need to say much about today’s Sparkle Video other than it’s one of my all-time favorites and pure glittering magic.  The legendary Sharon Redd, dressed in bedazzled black spandex, is giving mad sultry soul with “Can You Handle It” in such a fabulous way, that if you’re not shaking your ass right now- you need to get to Doctor Sparkles pronto. However, if you’re like me and like to work it out in your living room disco…  ENJOY!

Gods From Outer Space

No, “Gods From Outer Space” is not another laser-laden porn movie, it’s the title of the long awaited full length album from Den Haan.  As many of you remember, they played the most dazzling live set at the last Sparkle Army party while wearing silver metallic space suits as well as brought along their massive sparkling party entourage from Glasgow. FABULOUS!  Well, they achieve top honors once again because this album speaks right to Da General’s heart as they don’t waste my time with the slow build. They go straight for the disco jugular and then rip it to shreds, just the way I like it.  It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite track, but I can tell you that spaced-out sparkle-sluts everywhere NEED this album so get it now… and that’s an order!