Dear Soldiers,

I have always promised that nothing would ever get in the way of Friday Sparkle Videos.  However, last Friday and today, the the blog remains “black” to honor to someone very special  that we have lost in my family.

Thank you all for understanding and know that she left this world sparkling.

I’ll be back soon…Marisa

Another Legendary Night!

Now that I am finally rested up after a spectacular night on Saturday, I just want to thank everyone who made the Join The Sparkle Army party so magical.

First, I must thank the dashing MC of the night, Monster Ronson, who throws his friendship, heart, soul and wallet into this party and without him none of this would be possible.

Also big round of thank yous to:

– all of our musical guests:  DJ Juan of a Kind for playing the grooves to get the party started right, The Supermen Lovers for an amazing live disco show and to Massimiliano Pagliara for delivering an extra special galactic set a that rocked our sparkling world!

– our special rooms of fun: Isa who ran the green screen room so that our Soldiers could dance in outer space (can’t wait to see the video!).  Fenia for the sparkle-tastic makeup and Shauna for the glittering tattoos!

– dancing sensation Jackee Word for showing us all how to move in the fiercest way possible!

– our devoted Sparkle Soldiers who helped us build the most fantastical spaceship deco ever: Diane, Lucy, Julian, Rebi, Ding Dong, Cedric, Shambuh, Sheldon, Marcie, Bambi, Maya & Uri.

– sound & lighting team Rebi & Adrian for making the this very important part of the night so spectacular

– to all the Ronsons’ team who worked so hard before, during and after the party. They keep the drinks flowing, the smiles coming and the sparkles sparkling.. you are all truly the best there is!

Most important I’d like to thank all of our guests because it’s your sparkling energy that made this night so successful and yes, legendary.  Many, Many thanks & love!

By the way, we are still gathering photos to put on the website so if you have any you want to share, please let us know!


Tonight’s the Night!


Tonight’s the night that Sparkle Soldiers everywhere have been waiting for:  Join The Sparkle Army at Monster Ronson’s in party central Berlin.  The disco spaceship this year is truly out of this world and you have to see it to believe it so make sure your are here tonight… and that’s an order!

P.S.  Wear sparkles!

Join the Sparkle Army: NOVEMBER 10, 2012!

It’s that time again Soldiers!  In one month I’ll be packing up my sequins, getting on a jet plane and heading straight to Berlin for my favorite night of the year…

Join The Sparkle Army on November 10, 2012 at Monster Ronson’s in fabulous Friedrichshain!

You are all cordially invited to pledge your devotion to the Word of Glitter along with me, Da General, and the dashing Master of Ceremonies, Monster Ronson himself.  Together we’ll be hosting another night of dazzling on the dance floor under disco balls and laser beams and it’s sure to be an extra sparkling night!  The evening kicks off with Berlin’s own Juan of a Kind who’s sure to put you in a party state of mind and special guest and dancing sensation,Jackee Word, is going to show us all how to get down tonight!   A LIVE performance from the The Supermen Lovers is going to blow your mind!  They’re taking their private spaceship all the way the way from Galaxy Francais (that’s France!) just to make you shake your booty so hard, it just might fall off.  But don’t let it- because you’re gonna need it for when DJ Massimiliano Pagliara takes over the decks and spins you into a dancing vortex with an ultra galactic disco set!  All of the most dazzling things in one place, for just one night…  and it’s going to be LEGENDARY!

Oh and did I mention that you should wear sparkles?  Not only because it’s approved, but because we’ll also be giving one lucky soldier a 50 Euro bar tab prize for being the sparkliest spaced out sparkle slut in the joint.  Plus, those who glitter get in free before midnight so be sure to sparkle up so you can party down…  with all of us!

It all happens on that magical date 10-11-12 at 23 Uhr …..  That’s November 10, 2012 at 11pm for my fellow non- europeans!

@ Monster Ronsons
Warschauerstrasse 34

I can’t wait to see you!






Sparkle Jacket Stealing: NOT APPROVED!

Soldiers, I never ever thought I would have to write a post of this nature, but we can all thank the douchebag in Hamburg who stole our good friend (and high ranking Sparkle Soldier) Snax‘s favorite jacket.  This glittering white number has always been his first choice for a night on the town and especially for live performances when sparkle factor is of the utmost importance.  These photos are from the “Join the Sparkle Army” party back in August 2009, where Snax is looking resplendent in his magical jacket.  As you can see, it’s quite unique and so I feel comfortable saying that if you see someone wearing it, then they are indeed: THE THIEF.

How sad is that?  Someone who has no creativity of their own, no drive to pull together a truly individual and personalized sparkle outfit.  Someone who thinks that stealing sparkle from someone else will make them sparkle, but that’s not how it works, silly Mr. or Ms. Douchebag!  Something that people like you will never understand is that sparkle.. REAL SPARKLE.. comes from within and no matter how many sequins, glitter or swarovski crystals you glue to body, you will never sparkle.

Soldiers, we must all band together and keep our eyes open to help bring Snax‘s beloved white sparkle jacket back to him safe and sound.  Most importantly, you must take a photo of the person (a.k.a THE THIEF) you catch wearing it so it can be uploaded for all to see and so they can be banished from all Sparkle Army events for eternity because stealing someone else’s sparkle outfits, parts of sparkle outfits, jackets, shoes or space cuffs (get some!) is NOT APPROVED!

        “YOU CAN’T WIN LIKE THAT! Anyway, the joke’s on you…’cuz you can take the look, but you can’t take the funk. Snax moves  forward, while you’re just frontin’.” – Snax


RIP Don Cornelius

Disco Heaven officially has an MC.  Music fans and Sparkle Army Soldiers everywhere mourn the loss of the legendary Don Cornelius who was the creator, producer, host and owner of Soul Train – a show that millions of us grew up with.  Airing from 1971 to 2006, most of those years were hosted by Don himself with the silky deep voice that was one of the most recognizable in television history.   Every Saturday we all got on board the “SOOOOOUUUUUUUL TRAIN” to see the superstar guests, amazing dancers (especially the line dance and my favorite pop n’ locker Shabba Doo), the disco-tastic outfits, the word scramble, and the unforgettable animated show packaging.  There were many versions and several theme songs over the years, but not surprisingly, my heart belongs to the one with the train chugging along to “T.S.O.P.”    Don Cornelius’ contribution to the music world and to forming us into the dance floor dazzlers we are today cannot be measured.  RIP Mr. Cornelius.

Giving Thanks for Berlin and Sparkles


Apologies for not following up on last Saturday’s party until now… but after all, I am on vacation Soldiers! Besides, with today being Thanksgiving Day, it seemed like the perfect time to mention the things and people that made this Join The Sparkle Army party so dazzlingly successful:

– First and foremost, I’d like give thanks to my dear friend Ronson whom without him, none of this would be possible and an extra special thank you for the light-up dancefloor.  That’s right Soldiers!  My dream finally came true, which just goes to show that you should never give up asking for the things you want in life (so keep on doing it until you get it!).

– I’d like to give thanks for ITALOPORNO who killed the stage with an onslaught of live rocking music, sparkling outfits and gobs of glitter!  They are a band that defines the word “PARTY”!

– I’d like to give thanks for our incredible DJ’s!  For Snax for turning it proper and getting the party started.  For Sare Havlicek who came all the way from Slovenia to deliver galactic disco sounds that were truly out of this world.  For The Shredder for an amazing set that would make any righteous alien dance all night and also for creating original music just for the party and therefore earning a special Sparkle Army Salute!

– I’d like to give thanks for Joey Hansom who composed background music that was fabulously dramatic and perfect for me, Da General, to read my opening poem.

– I’d like to give thanks for Denise Redder, our Sparkle Army photographer for not only taking fantastic portraits and party photos, but for going above and beyond the call of duty to help us get the ne laser background created.

– I’d like to give thanks for Stevie Hanley and Jackee Word, our delightfully delicious dancers who worked those glow sticks along with everything else they have in the hottest way possible.

– I’d like to give thanks for the Ronson’s staff who are the most enthusiastic Sparkle Soldiers one could ask for.  They have embraced this event and given so much time and positive energy to the cause.  Special mention to Fenia and Jule for the amazing job glitterizing every inch of the club and also to the incredibly talented Bambi for taking sparkling into the highest of art forms.

– I’d like to give thanks for Adrian and Rebi who were a kick-ass team handling all aspects of sound and lighting which, as you can imagine, is an extremely big job for this party.   I’d also like to say that Rebi made a special trip from Switzerland to report for duty and we are touched and thankful for her devotion!

Most importantly, I would like to thank all the beautiful and fabulous Sparkle Soldiers in Berlin who came to Join The Sparkle Army.  This party was successful because of all of you and your sparkling energy- you have a truly made me the happiest girl in the universe!






Join The Sparkle Army: November 19, 2011



Mark your calendars and Join The Sparkle Army on November 19, 2011 at Monster Ronson’s in Berlin for another night of dancing and fabulosity under disco balls and laser beams!

Get out your sparkling best outfit to experience a dazzling live performance by Berlin’s own ITALOPORNO, an electro-disco-funk collective who’s motto is “Glitter! Soul! Sex! Love!”– how perfectly perfect!   Cosmic artist Sare Havlicek is beaming up all the way from Slovenia for a special DJ Set, his first ever in Berlin and we are so excited to spin in his orbit of galactic disco sounds!  WARNING: Be prepared for close encounters of the alien kind when Berlin’s own man of mystery and intrigue, The Shredder, steps in on the decks to make sure you keep dancing until it’s safe to come out… or your outfit comes off!

The night will also feature a “Tribute to Space Cuffs” , a contest honoring the most beloved disco fashion accessory of Spaced Out Sparkle Soldiers everywhere!   Wear your most special wrist creations and you might win a bar tab prize.  I’ve said before and I’ll say it again- SPACE CUFFS: get some!
Also returning by popular demand, an all new and improved Laser Background to capture your most sparkling moments!

Special guest SNAX will also be on board to get you in the dancing mood and everyone’s favorite space cadet, Monster Ronson, will be manning Station Control.  Of course, I’ll be there to share my glitter, my dance moves and my love for all my Sparkle Soldiers on our night together where we celebrate More is More!

(oh..and did I mention to wear sparkles because entrance is free before midnight for those who glitter!)

See you there.. and that’s an order!

London Space Children

All Soldiers anywhere near London on Saturday should be attending “Space Children: From Dr. Funkenstein to the ArcAndroid” at the British Library. Part of this multimedia event features superstars George Clinton and Nona Hendryx who will discuss the dazzling science fiction inspired live shows of Parliament and Labelle which, among wonderous stage sets and lighting, included costumes by Sparkle Army Hero, Larry LeGaspi. I’m overcome with sparkle excitement that the subject of Mr. LeGaspi will be part of the lecture, but at the same time my heart breaks that I won’t be there (bloody private jet!), but I’m happy to know my London Soldiers will report back with all the glittering details.

There are so many other sparkling elements to this presentation, it is not to be missed, but I do hope you have a ticket already because it’s SOLD OUT and you know what that means- you might have to resort to your “old school groupie ways” of getting in!

For more information go to:

(image of ad copy from British Library: What’s On)