I chose today’s Sparkle Video because I’ve been taking German lessons and well, sadly, I still don’t understand a word they’re singing.  However, any time you get a couple of people to dress like angels with devil horns in skimpy bedazzled outfits and punk rock hair- I’m in.  The quasi-disco track and bouncing balloons just add more to the fun and though I have no idea what’s going on…I like it!


Ash Kumar Bollywood Glitters

Say yes, yes, yes to Ash Kumar Bollwoood Glitters for your next henna tattoo design.  I was recently thinking about getting one and now that I know I can turn it all the way up “Dazzle”- it’s a done deal.  I also love that there’s a full bridal kit available, which makes me wonder why all brides don’t want to be fabulous.  Seriously ladies, it’s time to ditch the white dresses that are such a lie anyway, and start sparkling!


Today’s Sparkle Video begins with a fabulous bracelet entrance by the lovely Taffy who smartly points out her dazzling gems right away and then KABLAM!  She follows it up with a whole body of pizzazz starting from her geometric pompadour styled hair and goes all the way down her slinky sequined tigress dress which is accented by a glittering celestial applique that twinkles magically from glorious star filters.  Also, at the bottom of the screen it says she’s an Aquarius which means her birthday is somewhere around now and what a coincidence!  It’s also Dave Danger’s birthday this weekend and to whom this video is dedicated.  Happy Birthday Soldiers!


History of Glitter

I was truly planning to write one of my sparklingly entertaining posts today, but then something fabulous came up and I just couldn’t say no (you’ll forgive me right, Soldiers?).  Instead, for your enjoyment, is this equally fascinating video about the History of Glitter which is something all Sparkle Soldiers should know about anyway.  Thanks Etsy!



Today’s Sparkle Video had me from the moment the boot shaped mirror ball hit me with a dazzling sparkle onslaught.  I love that People Under The Stairs chose to style “Trippin’ At The Disco” after our beloved vintage music shows and they definitely hit upon the most important elements.  Flashing lights, smoke machine and star filters are all included here and there’s even some old school rolling video effects for just the right touch of camp.  It’s obvious the boys are feeling the fabulosity of the era and even though they’re having a laugh overall, what’s no joke is their silky rap stylings layed over a classic disco beat.

On a more serious note, I know I touched upon this topic last week, but pay special attention to Thes One’s lyrics about seeing a hipster at the disco who is too cool to have fun.  “With his can’t dance pants and a can’t dance beard” and that he may have grown up in a “can’t dance house with a can’t dance mom”.   A “Can’t Dance Mom”?   Soldiers, if you are going to take on the responsibility of raising another human being that the rest of us have to deal with, bring your children up to value what’s important.  First and foremost: when you are on a dance floor…DANCE!

The Ruby Slippers of Oz

Let’s face it, none of us would have any sparkle shoes today if it wasn’t for the Ruby Slippers.  These dazzlers hit the big screen in 1939 in full glorious Technicolor and in fact, the decision to make this a color film was largely based on these shoes and what a fabulous moment in film history!  Since then, both girls and boys from everywhere have spent their lives longing to possess these magical shoes, myself included.

I knew I was obsessed because I can get that way, but I really had no idea that there were so many of us and that it’s been going on for decades.  It wasn’t until few years ago when I picked up “The Ruby Slippers of Oz” by Rhys Thomas that I learned about the mystery and intrigue that surrounds the most famous sparkle shoes of all time.  What’s explained in the book is that back 1970, there was a general disinterest in Old Hollywood and its artifacts (can you imagine?) so everything was being liquidated.  What didn’t sell at auction was destined for the trash.  Hundreds of historical treasures would’ve been lost to us if it wasn’t for a man named Kent Walker, a costumer and long time movie fan.  Basically, he started stealing the objects and selling them black market to collectors.  Because of his daring actions, he single-handedly salvaged many priceless items including set pieces, props and costumes and among them was the legendary Ruby Slippers.  Except do you know what he did when he found these glittering treasures?  Exactly what any Sparkle Soldier would do- he TOOK THEM HOME!  That’s right Soldiers, there’s no place like home- especially when you find the holy grail of sparkles.

There’s more to the story, but you’ll have to read the book.  OR, you can do it American style and just watch the videos below from a television special based on the book.  I’ve only included parts 2 & 3 because they’re the most exciting, however if you’re a hardcore “Slipperette” like me, you’ll want to put on your favorite pair of sparkle shoes and watch the whole thing.




It’s the very first Sparkle Video Day of 2012 and it’s starting out with a jewel encrusted bang!  This is truly one of the best videos I’ve ever seen for many reasons, but mostly because it reminds me of a night at the disco recently where the crowd was standing on the dance floor.  Not dancing, just standing and watching the DJ.  Watching for what I don’t know, but while they were not dancing, me and R. Wayne were sparkling madly and throwing it down freak style all around them.  Anyway… back to Starf*cker and their video where a bunch of bland hipsters are having the most boring toga party on earth.  Enter the mysterious stranger in a bedazzled spandex outfit who comes in and proceeds to strip, fondle and lipstick tattoo each and every one of them and you know what?  It worked!  Who would’ve guessed that this was the recipe for unjamming giants sticks from peoples’ posteriors and for turning any party into righteous “Quality Time”?  Now that I know this trick, I’ll be more than prepared-  I’ll be armed and extremely dangerous.

Multi-Sparkle Tights: APPROVED!


2012 is the year of the Multi-Sparkle!  My hard work has not gone unnoticed Soldiers, as dancing school fabulous has gloriously taken the world by storm.  Seen everywhere are all kinds of items that dazzle in delightful rainbow glimmers like these fabulous tights.  These super hot legs belong to NYC’s Veronica Vain who always makes a fashion statement where ever she goes and last weekend’s celebratory brunch was certainly no exception.  No matter who you are or where you live, I highly recommend adding a pair of these disco-tastic numbers to your wardrobe because they’re multi, they’re chic and they’re APPROVED!