I love funk just as much as the next General, however today’s Sparkle Video was chosen for one reason only: the sparkle outfit to end all sparkle outfits.  I’m gagging over the most singular sensation of head-to-toe sequins I have ever seen!  The singer from Graham Central Station is a vision in glittering silver made all the more sublime by bell sleeves, matching pants and a commanding rhinestone necklace (I’ll be honest, I could live without the wig, but I’ll never deny a Soldier their right to fabulously big hair).  I think that “Can You Handle It” is the perfect name for a song sung by one wearing this ultra-dazzling ensemble because not only can I handle it, but I want it.  Bad.


Today’s Sparkle Video is true perfection because not only does it feature our beloved queen, Donna Summer, but it also has a fabulous intro about the positive effects that going to the disco can have in one’s life.  This should be shown in schools all over the world so that future generations will understand the importance of flashing lights, disco balls and laser beams-  plus I’m sure it’s what Donna would’ve wanted.   I’m also sure that if we could speak to Donna now, she would say that her one regret in life was not wearing enough sparkle outfits, as many of her performance clips are “sans sequins” like this one.  However, that never stopped her from shining bright like a glittering diamond!   I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since her passing, and I don’t think it gets any easier to believe she’s gone, but thankfully we have these videos to enjoy and celebrate her eternal beauty and also to remind us that we are not Donna Summer, and therefore, sparkling is required at all times – especially on the dance floor.



Today’s Sparkle Video is a “mash-up” edit of an extended disco classic married to various Solid Gold countdowns featuring the show’s sexy dancers with fabulous hair and gobs of satin, sequins and glittering pizzazz.   It’s the fashion show of my dreams set to the sparkling sound of “Souvenirs” by Voyage and accented by the swirling light from disco balls.   I want this to run in a loop all day, everyday- then my life would truly be complete.


Today’s clip features a group that is our first inductee into The Sparkle Video Hall Of Fame Boney M has graced our Fridays several times over the years, and will continue to do so with their never ending supply of musical classics and wardrobe filled with infinite disco fashion– and this particular version of “Rasputin” is all about the FASHION!  Everyone in the group looks dazzling wearing a gorgeous shade of purple, the color of royalty, accented by thousands of sparkling sequins.  It’s like a runway show featuring nothing but the most supreme disco fashion with swingy “dance floor” fabrics, asymmetrical shoulders and my personal favorite, the dramatic “bat wing” effect.   All of this glamour on one stage is further dramatized by the background of a majestic staircase and a stage filled the gobs of smoke.  HELLO.


Today’s Sparkle Video is one of the most invigorating, life-affirming extravanganzas I’ve seen in a while (well since last Friday anyway).   I mean, is it me or is Saphir performing on a stage decorated exactly like my dream home?  Colored neon, rotating disco lights, and murky smoke billowing around the boys who are wearing a fabulous combo of satin/headband/mustache fashion “I Am Alive” is, as of this moment, my new favorite song and I’m designating it as the official summer anthem of 2013 for its sparkling ability to make me want to hop on a plane to Berlin immediately… or at least get me to the nearest dance floor pronto!