Today’s Sparkle Video is quite different than what is usually featured, but it serves as a reminder that you’re never too young to join the Sparkle Army.  The Purple Marshmellow Puppies Rock band’s adorable song is called “Sparkle Town” and it’s a fabulous place where kittens run freely, cows wear crowns and best of all, “no one’s sad and no one’s mad”.  Sounds like my kind of place, but I think the lyrics should be updated to include disco balls and laser beams.



Since today is my first day back in Berlin, I thought this would be the perfect Sparkle Video to kick my vacation party into high gear.  After all, this clip of “No No Joe” from the ever dazzling Silver Convention has everything right both visually and aurally and therefore doesn’t need much explanation from me.  Works for me though, because that means I can continue saying “Yes, Yes” to my “Welcome Back Cocktails” while you take in this fabulous piece of disco splendor.  Enjoy!


Disco Commercials: Disco Darci

While it doesn’t feature any disco music or dancing footage, this clip falls under the Disco Commercials category because it features one of the coolest dolls ever- Disco DarciDisco Darci was one hot babe who came dressed in a “silver disco jumpsuit” and included a glittery disco ball and a light-up disco stage with spotlights for added drama.  Educational toys for children have always been important, but this was ultra-fabulous 1979 when teaching children about dazzling on the dance floor was truly top priority.





Today’s Sparkle Video is one of those classics that you never get tired of hearing and “Let The Music Play” has truly proven itself as “the groove you can’t ignore”.  Easily one of the most famous songs in the Freestyle genre, one look at the gorgeous Shannon in her dazzling peplum top also makes it one of best looking as well.  Here she shows us a fabulous example (for the more casual sparklers out there), that you don’t always have to pair sequins with spandex pants and stilettos, because a great fitting pair of jeans and boots works nicely too.


Sequin Poems: APPROVED!

What’s better than wearing an outfit dripping in sequins?   Reciting a poem about sequins while wearing an outfit dripping in sequins!  While I’ve never been much for poetry or spoken word performances,  Tim Jones-Helvington has turned me into a fan because his prose exalts what every Sparkle Soldier knows-  that sequins are always the right choice.  His talent for turning this sentiment into a dazzling art form is not only extremely impressive, but also highly APPROVED!





Today’s Sparkle Video is so “off the chain” that I almost.. almost can’t stand it.  In an all-out assault on the senses, Midnight Star takes us through the galaxy to Planet Freak-A-Zoid where it’s King and Queen throw fabulous dance parties for their scantily clad subjects.  I don’t know about you, but watching their half-naked sparkling bodies move through gobs of billowing smoke has an extremely hypnotic effect on me.  By the time the Robot Master commands, “Take me to your dance floor”, one can’t help but obey, but I’m guessing that’s what they were going for.