Today’s Sparkle Videos are both from the group Eruption and are featured for different reasons, however nothing to do with having different singers.  “Go Johnnie Go” is a song I can go my whole life without ever hearing again but, like most footage from the Musikladen TV Show, the costumes are pure sequin overload! These outfits have a wonderful style that mixes two of my favorites together- dancing school fabulous and asymmetrical outer space drama. “I Cant Stand the Rain” is also featured today, not only for singer Precious Wilson’s sparkling “insect on acid” look, but to prove that this group actually had some good music at one point. This song was their biggest hit and I love the way it captures the sound of rain droplets… in that magical disco sorta way, that is!



Welcome to the Disco

Another snow day in NYC.  I don’t know about you, but I need a soundtrack to help me get motivated to trudge through this white wonderland and Air Power’s 1979 classic,”Welcome to the Disco”, is just the song to do it.  Dance tracks that start with sassy girl talk always make me smile and this one leads up to such a glorious moment at 1:43 when the high drama strings kick in-  and that’s exactly when I will head out to glide and swish with reckless abandon in my magenta booties because not even snow can stop the Disco Machine.


Holy Sparkle Eyes!

As you know, it’s my duty to keep up on all things fabulous and last night’s visit to Sephora did not disappoint as you can see from my disco-tastic “70’s meets 2011” look in the photos.  I’m wearing two of the products I scored and the first item is the Sephora Baked Eyeshadow Trio in “Dusk Til Dawn No. 4”. This lovely compact houses three of my favorite shades: dark plum, soft pink and luscious violet – all with varying shimmers and sparkles which can be also be used wet for more intensity.  By the way, top honors go out to the Sephora team for their constant effort to keep the Sparkle Army flag flying high and I’m always impressed with their devotion.  The second product in the photo, Illamasqua Eyeliner in “Alchemy”, is one of the most amazing glitter products I have ever seen.  The color is the brightest yellow gold and its gleaming sparkles are so dazzling, I’m sure it can be seen all the way from Uranus!

One night + two products = endless fabulosity!


Apologies for not posting much this week, but I’ve been a little distracted with life and it’s many surprises, however one thing I will never do is let that get in the way of Sparkle Video Day!  Today’s video is an all around feast for the eyes and ears as the divine Grace Jones, the absolute coolest person in the world, sings our favorite song, “Pull Up To The Bumper”.  This version is especially tantalizing because she is wearing that hat- that HAT made of a gazillion dazzling rhinestones with its magic light beams dancing to the beat thanks to effects from our beloved starfilters!  What a hypnotic and sexified way to start the day… Happy Friday!



Today’s Sparkle Video is the motherload of Sparkle Fashion and all the classic looks are covered in this show open for the 1981 Disco World Finals.  It’s one fabulous satin, spandex and sequin extravaganza taking place on a light-up dance floor that looks like a funky disco pinball machine lit up by multiple glorious star filters.  In a way, I find it hard to believe that these are really the World Champions of Disco because while there are a few good dancers here, they’re sprinkled in between really awful ones (I get an extra big kick out of #6, Klaus from Germany! ).  Although, who cares really, because there is a Sparkle Fashion Onslaught of mad proportion happening as every single one of these people clearly understood the importance of dazzling on the dance floor and for that, they are ALL WINNERS!  And by the way, if I might add… SPACE CUFFS… get some!


German Sparkle Party!

No, it’s not Friday, but I just saw this today and had to share it immediately! Although first, I need to clarify something: there was no such thing as a “German Sparkle Party” until Da General brought the troops to Monster Ronson’s back in March 2009 for the very first Join the Sparkle Army party.  Now while I suspect The Something Experience is making a bit of a joke here, I love this video and it makes me smile a lot, but it also makes me wonder if they know about the Sparkle Army because our party is amazingly similar. Maybe they’ve been to it? Maybe they want to come to it?  It just seems a little too coincidental.. am I right?



As a follow up to last week’s Sparkle Video (and the first of 2011), today we have the Ohio Players– you guessed it- also on the Midnight Special and also rocking the denim bedazzler look. “Love Rollercoaster” is a classic funk favorite and there’s no other way to look when you’re playing this song than like they do here: Sparkly, Funky and BadAss! Watching this group get down and glitter gets me beyond excited and the splendid addition of old school pop n’ lock dancers makes me wanna scream “F*ck Yeah!”.

I know you are just gagging to ask, “General, what’s your obsession with the Midnight Special?” and I will tell you it’s my comfort food.  You see, when I was just a wee lass, I had terrible insomnia and couldn’t sleep at all. I was born ready and waiting for the day when I would be old enough to party all night, but in the meantime, I had no choice but to stay up very late and watch television.  The weekends were the best because the Midnight Special was on and I got to watch all kinds of fabulous bands, covered in rhinestones and lit with star filters during my innocent formative years.  It truly made it’s mark on me, but then again, perhaps I was already into this stuff and that’s why I watched?  The world may never know.


Light Up Ceiling?

As you all know, I just can’t stop talking about Light Up Dance Floors, but something I never considered before has come to my attention: Light Up Ceilings! There are so many versions out there, but this one looks like some sort of tunnel that encapsulates you like a spaceship gone wrong-  I must have it.  I want to walk through it, dance through it.. possibly vogue through it!  In fact, I want both the Light Up Dance Floor and the Light Up Ceiling and I want anything else that lights up too because it’s now 2011 and Even More is More!