Soul Dracula

Just uncovered from the crypt, this vintage video of Hot Blood’s “Soul Dracula” has arrived just in time to celebrate All Hallows Eve.  In my opinion, Vampires don’t seem all that different from humans, except that they drink blood, but really- that’s it.  After all they take long disco naps so they can wake up refreshed and ready to dance and party, all the while making glamorous use of their capes, nibble on some party treats, then dance some more until right before sun up.  I could hang.




Today’s Sparkle Video is the what we call the “total package”.  Light-up dance floor, back-up dancers in spandex space suits and sexy Vivien Vee in the most amazing sequin catsuit EVER!  In fact, I’m inclined to believe that it’s actually her skin and that she’s some sort of fabulous Disco Fairy that beamed down to earth to make sure we all dance and party our little sparkling hearts out.  Which reminds me…  we will be doing just that on November 19th so get your outfits (and SPACE CUFFS) ready!




Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: The BeDazzler

This vintage commercial says it all “Don’t be dull, be DAZZLING” (and a special shout out for the disco-tastic red nails!).  One of the most fabulous inventions ever made, the BeDazzler, changed fashion forever  because now, after watching The MIdnight Special , Musikladen and other late night music shows, people at home could finally recreate the sparkling fashions of their favorite Superstars.  This little machine single-handedly took “dazzling on the dancefloor” to a new and exciting level and for that, deserves a brilliant Sparkle Army Salute!





I really tried to find a higher quality version of today’s Sparkle Video but there wasn’t one.  No matter because High Energy‘s fabulosity still comes across full force. These wonder women are singing, roller skating and looking disco-tastic at the same time and they do it all with perfection.   I definitely feel their “Swirl”.. don’t you?



Join The Sparkle Army: November 19, 2011



Mark your calendars and Join The Sparkle Army on November 19, 2011 at Monster Ronson’s in Berlin for another night of dancing and fabulosity under disco balls and laser beams!

Get out your sparkling best outfit to experience a dazzling live performance by Berlin’s own ITALOPORNO, an electro-disco-funk collective who’s motto is “Glitter! Soul! Sex! Love!”– how perfectly perfect!   Cosmic artist Sare Havlicek is beaming up all the way from Slovenia for a special DJ Set, his first ever in Berlin and we are so excited to spin in his orbit of galactic disco sounds!  WARNING: Be prepared for close encounters of the alien kind when Berlin’s own man of mystery and intrigue, The Shredder, steps in on the decks to make sure you keep dancing until it’s safe to come out… or your outfit comes off!

The night will also feature a “Tribute to Space Cuffs” , a contest honoring the most beloved disco fashion accessory of Spaced Out Sparkle Soldiers everywhere!   Wear your most special wrist creations and you might win a bar tab prize.  I’ve said before and I’ll say it again- SPACE CUFFS: get some!
Also returning by popular demand, an all new and improved Laser Background to capture your most sparkling moments!

Special guest SNAX will also be on board to get you in the dancing mood and everyone’s favorite space cadet, Monster Ronson, will be manning Station Control.  Of course, I’ll be there to share my glitter, my dance moves and my love for all my Sparkle Soldiers on our night together where we celebrate More is More!

(oh..and did I mention to wear sparkles because entrance is free before midnight for those who glitter!)

See you there.. and that’s an order!

Going Global

It really does my shimmering heart good to see the Sparkle Army represented all over the world.  Just look at this fabulous sand graffiti moment at Agios Stefanos beach in Mykonos.  Even though he was on vacation, Captain JK  still managed to honor his duties to help spread the “Word of Glitter” to all humanity.  That’s what I call dedication Soldiers!

Speaking of dedication, the time has some for us to once again dazzle on the dance floor under disco balls and laser beams ….  and drink sparkley cocktails of course!  That’s right- another fabulous Join The Sparkle Army party is taking place in November.   Official announcement is coming Monday so be sure and check back!




Today’s Sparkle Video features gorgeous Heather Parisi, dressed in a black sequin and faux necklace getup that’s supremely sparkle-tastic!  Her ultra fabulous performance of “Wild Boys” has her doing some pretty amazing things with her body on a stage filled with flashing lights and equally sassy back up dancers.  Why didn’t Duran Duran think of this?


This Sparkle Video features my favorite Ritchie Family song, “Put Your Feet To The Beat”, and while their official video for this track is an amazing masterpiece of disco history, today is all about this treasure- a live appearance on Kultnacht TV.   True perfection as you can see, with our lovely ladies dressed in their bedazzled biker chic, dancing and singing through green twirling lasers under fabulously purple lit disco balls.  Magic!



Leopard Sparkle Kicks: APPROVED!

I just adore these “kicks” from Lulu because they remind me so much of myself.  In fact, it’s almost like they were custom made for me, except that anyone can buy them.  Seriously though, if ever there was a shoe that screamed, “I like both kinds of music, rock n’ roll and disco!” these are them because they’re leopard, they sparkle and they’re APPROVED!