Last month “Behind the Candelabra” premiered on HBO starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, who played our idol Liberace and his lover Scott Thorson.  I don’t think I have to tell you, but I will – both actors were AMAZING!   It seemed like forever that I waited for that magical day, but as we all know Soldiers, it was well worth the wait.  Which brings me to today’s Sparkle Video, which is one of the most glamorous and sparkle-tastic clips ever made.   It features the absolute coolest man on earth, Cee Lo Green, playing a character called “Loberace” who lives in grand style wearing sequins, feathers and capes and has bedazzled everything.   In “I Want You”, he’s a smooth operator with a silky voice who appreciates the glittering lifestyle.   So much so,  that he even has a portrait of Liberace on the wall which confirms my long-time suspicion that Mr. Green is indeed a Sparkle Soldier.




Today’s Sparkle Video was chosen for two reasons.  One: because it’s Sylvester and Two: because it features a remix from “Mighty Real: Greatest Dance Hits”, a collection of his music (including 12″ versions!), set for release this coming Tuesday.  This clip is an edited montage of videos showcasing Sylvester in some of his most glittering outfits along with a hypnotizing roller disco guy that I just can’t get enough of.  Then there’s the show-stopping melange of dancers in satin hot-shorts that starts at 1:57 and pulls you through an unrelenting rise to a sparkling peak at 2:56, when our angel raises his sequined covered wings in full disco glory!    Now I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t ususally care for remixes of the disco classics and this one is a bit speedier than I would personally choose (I’m a classic 4/4 girl), however I do believe that Sylvester would approve of this fun and exciting take on his music and therefore, so do I.


I am so in love with today’s Sparkle Video because it’s truly beautiful.   The sweet sounds of orchestrated strings calibrated to the disco beat always makes my heart flutter, and combined with the vocals of Love Unlimited takes this classic to a whole ‘nother level.  “Love’s Theme” performed live (yes, really live!) is also a visual treat starting with the Barry White & Love Unlimited light-up sign on top of the flashing lights of the Soul Train stage.  Then we have our three lovely ladies in matching big hair, bedazzled sparkle outfits, and hands adorned with gobs of gold rings and amazingly long nails– a style I’d like to see more often today.   On top of all that is the color.  The overwhelming warmth of red and yellow everywhere, from the stage down to the all the dancers in the crowd seems like everyone got a memo telling them what to wear.   However, I prefer to believe that like all things fabulous, it just happened magically.


Today’s Sparkle Video has a fabulously unusual open which is accompanied by that disco beat that makes my heart pound and my booty shake!  It all begins with flashing lights and the suspense of the camera pushing into a room filled with gobs of disco smoke until finally, we see the lovely ladies of First Choice in their brightly colored spandex catsuits.  They sure know how to create “Great Expectations” on that tinsel and glitter-filled stage and lucky for us, they also know how to deliver!