Today’s Sparkle Video is from one of our favorite TV shows, Musikladen, however this clip is from 1983 when they clearly had a lot more money to spend on production.  Sure, it’s only a theory, but I think it’s supported by the inclusion of a slick, snazzy and sparkly show open and a full-on neon light-up stage (as compared to the old tinsel and foil backdrops sometimes used in the 70’s).  However, the most obvious kick in the budget surely went to the slew of ladies dressed in “dancing school fabulous” hired to shimmy and shake along to the performing guests who, right now, happens to be Trax.   I think it’s totally appropriate that a man singing “Get ready ‘cuz here I come..” should make use of a dazzling sequin lightning bolt that leads straight down to a spectacularly large codpiece, in a “driving the statement home” kind of way.  The drummer also knows his way around an outfit, as he made a fabulous choice in wearing his spaced-out best.  I guess the other two guys didn’t get the sparkle memo, but it’s okay because the hotties dancing around them kind of steal the show anyway.  Especially the girl in the super hero number who remembered to include the most important fashion accessory of all time- Space Cuffs (get some!).


Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: The Disco Commercial

By 1978, Disco Fashion had moved out from the nightclubs and across mainstream America with the blinding speed of flashing lights and laser beams and right into our television sets.  There were all kinds of dance related TV shows but now, companies of all types also wanted to connect with this dazzling lifestyle and let consumers know that their products were cool and thus, the Disco Commercial was born!  These fabulously fun spots pushed everything from beer, soda, clothing, cosmetics and even discos themselves and since it’s not possible to feature them all today, I’m announcing that this will be a whole new sparkling category for Sparkle Army Soldiers to enjoy.  Today- we start with one of the best.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is still what the cool kids drink today, but this is from 1979- THE year of Disco!  A young Patrick Swayze with super-fab hair is taking his lovely lady dressed in the finest disco chic for a night of dancing and thanks to PBR, they are owning that dancefloor.



Sparkle Videos just keep getting better and better so brace yourself for one of the most amazing things EVER.  It’s dazzling perfection made with flashing lights, hypnotic music and one man in a very colorful outfit with showstopping dance moves.  In fact, I’m going “on the record” right now and asking if there’s anyone out there who can recreate this number step for step (outfit, hair and mustache required!) and if so, please contact me because you are booked for the next Sparkle Army party!





Whenever a song starts out with, “Alright you freaks..”, you know it’s going to be extra good just like today’s Sparkle Video.  Don Cornelius (RIP) is showcasing a full-on outfit war on the Soul Train stage and to be honest, I’m not sure who the winner is.  Now normally, I always “go sequin” as did the legendary Teena Marie (RIP) in an exciting magenta sequin dazzler which she smartly paired with a turquoise sequin tube top and matching boots.  However, she’s standing next to the one and only Rick James (RIP) who’s wearing a very “Bootsy-esque” suit with extreme bell cuffs, accented with rhinestones and fabulously topped off with jeweled encrusted glasses and glitter dusted hair.  This makes for quite a conundrum so instead, let’s call it a glittering tie because when it comes to sparkling, everyone’s a winner!


Sparkle Jacket Stealing: NOT APPROVED!

Soldiers, I never ever thought I would have to write a post of this nature, but we can all thank the douchebag in Hamburg who stole our good friend (and high ranking Sparkle Soldier) Snax‘s favorite jacket.  This glittering white number has always been his first choice for a night on the town and especially for live performances when sparkle factor is of the utmost importance.  These photos are from the “Join the Sparkle Army” party back in August 2009, where Snax is looking resplendent in his magical jacket.  As you can see, it’s quite unique and so I feel comfortable saying that if you see someone wearing it, then they are indeed: THE THIEF.

How sad is that?  Someone who has no creativity of their own, no drive to pull together a truly individual and personalized sparkle outfit.  Someone who thinks that stealing sparkle from someone else will make them sparkle, but that’s not how it works, silly Mr. or Ms. Douchebag!  Something that people like you will never understand is that sparkle.. REAL SPARKLE.. comes from within and no matter how many sequins, glitter or swarovski crystals you glue to body, you will never sparkle.

Soldiers, we must all band together and keep our eyes open to help bring Snax‘s beloved white sparkle jacket back to him safe and sound.  Most importantly, you must take a photo of the person (a.k.a THE THIEF) you catch wearing it so it can be uploaded for all to see and so they can be banished from all Sparkle Army events for eternity because stealing someone else’s sparkle outfits, parts of sparkle outfits, jackets, shoes or space cuffs (get some!) is NOT APPROVED!

        “YOU CAN’T WIN LIKE THAT! Anyway, the joke’s on you…’cuz you can take the look, but you can’t take the funk. Snax moves  forward, while you’re just frontin’.” – Snax



Today’s Sparkle Video is proof positive that at one time, fabulous taste was everywhere.  “Fiebre” (Fever) was a Mexican TV show in the 70’s that was a glorious 2 hour dance contest which also featured disco fashion extreme, thumping music galore and the only decor ever needed, at all, period.   There are so many glittering sequins and yards of shimmering fabric that it’s absolutely blinding and though it’s difficult to pick a favorite outfit, mine is the green sequin catsuit that’s owning the light-up dancefloor.  Soldiers, when I rule the world this is how everything will look all the time- a dazzling feast for the eyes and ears to behold.  Coincidentally, that’s also the idea behind the Sparkle Army parties and watching this makes me want to have one right now!

Leopard Sparkle Shoes, part 1


I love leopard and when it’s mixed that with sparkle you have a fabulosity that cannot be ignored- just like these dazzlers from Laboutin.  I’m gagging with covetous desire at the sight of them, but alas Soldiers, I will not own them because I would never cut so deep into my “disco money” for one pair of shoes.  However, they have me given the best idea for how to fix my hot pink pumps that have somehow come up with mystery spots.  I’m going to turn them into a showstopping treat for the masses by taking their idea and making it better.  How is that possible, you ask?  First, my shoes are pointy with lots of toe cleavage which spells “Rock n’ Roll!”  and Second, by making the leopard pattern out of Swarovski crystals using their super cool “ooky” color choices.  That’s right, I’m going to create a totally Cramp-tastic shoe that looks like something Poison Ivy herself would have worn and possibly even our late, beloved Lux Interior (RIP).

Pictured below is how my shoes look now, but check back for part 2.. coming soon!