I love leopard and when it’s mixed that with sparkle you have a fabulosity that cannot be ignored- just like these dazzlers from Laboutin.  I’m gagging with covetous desire at the sight of them, but alas Soldiers, I will not own them because I would never cut so deep into my “disco money” for one pair of shoes.  However, they have me given the best idea for how to fix my hot pink pumps that have somehow come up with mystery spots.  I’m going to turn them into a showstopping treat for the masses by taking their idea and making it better.  How is that possible, you ask?  First, my shoes are pointy with lots of toe cleavage which spells “Rock n’ Roll!”  and Second, by making the leopard pattern out of Swarovski crystals using their super cool “ooky” color choices.  That’s right, I’m going to create a totally Cramp-tastic shoe that looks like something Poison Ivy herself would have worn and possibly even our late, beloved Lux Interior (RIP).

Pictured below is how my shoes look now, but check back for part 2.. coming soon!