Vintage Sparkle Shoes: APPROVED!


I’ve been snapping photos of sparkley things for about a month now as the holiday season brings us a glorious abundance of dazzling gems in every shop window.  Unfortunately- I also get distracted easily so I’ve been remiss in posting about my delightful finds.  That is until tonight.  Behold these ultra fabulous Vintage Sparkle Shoes I spotted sitting in the window of Amarcord in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!  “Be still my mirror-tiled heart”, I thought as they instantly transported me back to glamour days of old Hollywood and beyond.  While I love all sparkle shoes, these stunners run rings around their modern countperparts because they’re silver sling backs, they’re made with rhinestones and they’re APPROVED!

Fashion Darling

Another Fashion Week is winding down here in NYC and while the past few days have been filled with gobs of endless glamor, one show dazzles above them all.  The Blonds are Sparkle Army favorites because they take the idea of “More is More” and shove it in your pretty face.  This creative and fabulous duo would never dream of “toning it down” for any reason and all I have to say to that is “HOLLA!”  I especially love their undersea galactica theme (I just made that up!) this season which made all the girls into hot blonds embellished with glimmering stars, deep sea jewels and strategically placed plexiglass lipstick tubes.















Another reason to love The Blonds is that they also design for our favorite fashion doll.  Officially named “The Blonds Blond Diamond™ Barbie®, she has never looked more sparkle-tastic than in this rhinestone encrusted number with matching sparkle shoes, sexy side swept hair and dramatically long (and thankfully not real) fur coat.  All together now… KABLAM!

Heels Dot Com

SOLDIERS: I have found the One-Stop-Shop for sparkle shoes!   Whether you’re a Disco Queen, Glam Rock Star or Magical Princess, you’re sure to find a pair (or twenty!) of dazzlers you simply must have at   I did searches for all my favorite colors- “glitter”, “sequins” and “crystals”, and each time more and more fabulous styles came up.  Also to my delight, they have many styles in glorious Multi-Sparkle and so amazingly affordable, I can treat myself to a few or maybe even all of them!   To give you an idea, these are just a few selections from their website- which I now call “The Multi-Sparkle Motherload”.   I wonder if they’d consider changing their name?

Leopard Sparkle Shoes, part 1


I love leopard and when it’s mixed that with sparkle you have a fabulosity that cannot be ignored- just like these dazzlers from Laboutin.  I’m gagging with covetous desire at the sight of them, but alas Soldiers, I will not own them because I would never cut so deep into my “disco money” for one pair of shoes.  However, they have me given the best idea for how to fix my hot pink pumps that have somehow come up with mystery spots.  I’m going to turn them into a showstopping treat for the masses by taking their idea and making it better.  How is that possible, you ask?  First, my shoes are pointy with lots of toe cleavage which spells “Rock n’ Roll!”  and Second, by making the leopard pattern out of Swarovski crystals using their super cool “ooky” color choices.  That’s right, I’m going to create a totally Cramp-tastic shoe that looks like something Poison Ivy herself would have worn and possibly even our late, beloved Lux Interior (RIP).

Pictured below is how my shoes look now, but check back for part 2.. coming soon!

The Ruby Slippers of Oz

Let’s face it, none of us would have any sparkle shoes today if it wasn’t for the Ruby Slippers.  These dazzlers hit the big screen in 1939 in full glorious Technicolor and in fact, the decision to make this a color film was largely based on these shoes and what a fabulous moment in film history!  Since then, both girls and boys from everywhere have spent their lives longing to possess these magical shoes, myself included.

I knew I was obsessed because I can get that way, but I really had no idea that there were so many of us and that it’s been going on for decades.  It wasn’t until few years ago when I picked up “The Ruby Slippers of Oz” by Rhys Thomas that I learned about the mystery and intrigue that surrounds the most famous sparkle shoes of all time.  What’s explained in the book is that back 1970, there was a general disinterest in Old Hollywood and its artifacts (can you imagine?) so everything was being liquidated.  What didn’t sell at auction was destined for the trash.  Hundreds of historical treasures would’ve been lost to us if it wasn’t for a man named Kent Walker, a costumer and long time movie fan.  Basically, he started stealing the objects and selling them black market to collectors.  Because of his daring actions, he single-handedly salvaged many priceless items including set pieces, props and costumes and among them was the legendary Ruby Slippers.  Except do you know what he did when he found these glittering treasures?  Exactly what any Sparkle Soldier would do- he TOOK THEM HOME!  That’s right Soldiers, there’s no place like home- especially when you find the holy grail of sparkles.

There’s more to the story, but you’ll have to read the book.  OR, you can do it American style and just watch the videos below from a television special based on the book.  I’ve only included parts 2 & 3 because they’re the most exciting, however if you’re a hardcore “Slipperette” like me, you’ll want to put on your favorite pair of sparkle shoes and watch the whole thing.



Leopard Sparkle Kicks: APPROVED!

I just adore these “kicks” from Lulu because they remind me so much of myself.  In fact, it’s almost like they were custom made for me, except that anyone can buy them.  Seriously though, if ever there was a shoe that screamed, “I like both kinds of music, rock n’ roll and disco!” these are them because they’re leopard, they sparkle and they’re APPROVED!

Medusa’s Makeup

Inspired by my favorite pair of shoes (you know- the fabulously galactic emerald green and glitter pink lightening bolt ones), I decided to create a coordinating eyeshadow look because.. well, that’s what I do.  Most importantly, it gave me an opportunity to try out my new products from Medusa’s Makeup.  With so many vibrant and sparkling colors to choose from, they were the perfect choice to experiment with my “matchy matchy ” obsession.

First, I must say that the packaging gives me the “New Wave tingles” because I love a party made from zebra and multi-colored stripes plus, did you see that the makeup brush has a hot pink handle?  Excellent choice Medusa!  The pressed eyeshadows here are “Electric Kiwi”, a high pigment metallic green and “Xtinct”, a magenta in a soft shimmer texture with magical pink micro sparkles (I used this one wet to pump up the volume).  Also shown in these product photos is “Passion”, a hot pink shimmery Eye Dust which I didn’t use today, but definitely will next time along with some pink star sequins because after all.. More is More!

Redo My Shoe… PLEASE!

I am sick with the illness of burning desire to possess every one of these custom sparkle-ized shoes from Redo My Shoe.  Have you ever seen anything so fabulous in your life as these Laboutin heels covered in thousands of Swarovski crystals?  The ultra-highest of Sparkle Army honors goes out to Joseph and his dazzling creations which can be ordered through his store on Etsy and while your at it- send a pair to Da General.. yah?

Twinkle Horse Glitter

How fabulous is this company, Twinkle?  They have created a whole line of products solely to glitterize horses and though I’ve never wanted one before, now I do.  Just thinking about decorating my pretty horsie with products like the Rainbow Dust body spray, the Stencil Kits to add some dazzling stars and then topping it off with Twinkle Toes glitter paint on her hooves gets me beyond excited!

I bet Bianca Jagger wishes this stuff was around back when she made her legendary birthday party entrance at Studio 54!

Disco Ball Shoes: APPROVED!

Can you imagine the power of wearing these shoes, reflecting disco-tastic light from your feet everywhere you go? Having people swarm you like a superstar, wanting only to be by your side because YOU ARE the PARTY?  That is some downright Superhero sh*t to me!  I came across this mystery photo on the internet and all I can say is that I will not rest until I find this pair of “Disco Ball” shoes and make them mine.. MINE… because they are fabulous and they are APPROVED!