The most coveted spot on the dance floor has always been under the giant disco ball (Hail Twilo!), but today’s Sparkle Video reminds us that they’re not just for hanging from ceilings.  In this clip of Hot Shot performing “Fire in the Night”, our eyes can’t help but pass them over for the mirrored orb on the floor behind them and try as they might, we know who the real star of this video is!  And it spins magically with gobs of billowing smoke coming from all sides as well as pouring down from the sky.  An excellent touch if you ask me, and a sparkling example of what “More is More” is all about.


Two words: disco smoke.  Today’s Sparkle Video has Mankind swimming in the most lush and billowing cloud of smoke I have ever seen and I just want to jump right into it!  This creative decision was 100% the right one, because the it’s the only way this disco-tastic sci-fi sound should ever be presented.  The “Dr. Who Theme” is like a party waiting to explode all over the stage.  No wait- it is a party and those guys are totally feeling it, but where are the spaced-out sparkle sluts dancing behind them?  Read between the lines, Soldiers!  It was Top of the Pops and the 70’s after all, so most likely they’re partying backstage in the green room.



Michael Jackson and the entire Jackson family have never been strangers to fabulous sparkle outfits, but today’s Sparkle Video shows MJ at his most dazzle-tastic. From his glittering silver boots to his gem-encrusted striped pants that accentuate his every move, to his matching sparkling top.  He’s truly a sight to behold!  This vision is made even more fantastic by the green laser beams dancing behind him, adding magical shapes and shadows to this performance of “Rock With You” and makes this timeless classic even more unforgettable.



Today’s Sparkle Video features a luxuriously dazzling Patti Brooks performing of her disco classic,  “After Dark”,  which all of you good Solders will recognize from the “Thank God It’s Friday” soundtrack.  The fabulous combination of her leg-revealing sequin dress and showgirl-style feather fan take this number to a whole ‘ nother level of sparkling sophistication which is being thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd dancing on a uniquely digital looking light-up dance floor.  This version is very short and makes me feel somewhat cheated, however since it ends it after the fabulous “dip” with her silky male dancer, I think I can get over it.