It’s very important to acknowledge the people who made being fabulous part of every day life and today’s Sparkle Video features such a man.  A man who bucked the trends of his genre and truly lived, breathed, performed and dressed “More is More”.  This footage shows Little Richard singing “Good Golly Miss Molly” wearing one of his dazzling mirror-tiled ensembles (and I say “one of”‘ because it’s certainly not his only one).  We can also bask in adoration of his raven colored pompadour, dark eyeliner and trademark thin mustache that became his trademark look.  I’m not sure, but I think this is from around 1973, a few years before disco fashion came to be, but surely Little Richard and his glittering style must have had influence on dance floors everywhere.  It’s no wonder we love both kinds of music!


Today’s Sparkle Video starts and ends a bit choppy, but all that really matters is what’s in between anyway.   This classic disco medley is from a 70’s variety show featuring The Carpenters and guests surrounded by dancers clad in dazzling outfits embellished with mirror tiles. I think this was supposed to be a take on outer space or possibly a futuristic concept judging by the addition of the two “white” guys grooving at tables in the back.  An interesting touch I might add.



Today’s Sparkle Video is a supreme gift of happiness from the very first sight of it. I think hamsters as pets being all the rage around this time in history may have been the inspiration for this human-sized habitrail, and in turn, I think this video probably inspired what we know now as “ball-pit” jungle gyms for children.  I mean, who doesn’t want to go swirl around in that magical tunnel of brightly colored orbs?  And let’s face it, you put the ladies of Abba in mini dresses embellished with sequins in front of anything and it all seems to make sense somehow, doesn’t it?


Today’s Sparkle video is so jam packed with dazzle you’re going to need sunglasses!   I chose “Just For You” because I want to make up for the fact that lately, I’ve been unable to post about all the fascinating things I usually do because of extra demands on my time.  However, as you know Soldiers, Da General is truly devoted to delivering Friday Sparkle Videos no matter what.  My apologies go out to all of you gagging for the next installment of Great Moments in Disco Fashion History and I hope to be back on track very soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this masterpiece of sparkle fabulosity-  but seriously, could we expect anything less from a group called The Glitter Band?  I think not.