Disco Bathroom: APPROVED!

What’s the most amazing thing about the newest artisanal food shop in NYC, the Donut Plant? If your answer is that “even during a recession people are willing to pay $2.75 for one single donut”- that answer is WRONG.  The right answer is that inside this shop, which by the way, sits under the legendary Chelsea Hotel, is the most awesome Disco Bathroom ever seen! Completely mirrored tiled walls are adorned with delightful spinning disco balls and lit so sparklingly, it can only be described as KABLAM! Sadly, there’s no music pumping or smoke billowing when you flush the toilet, but I left them a note in the suggestion box. In the meantime, I’ve got my iPod and my “Disco Smoke In A Can” so I’ll be back to the Donut Plant because the donuts are delicious and the bathroom is APPROVED!


High Noon

Two Sisters ” High Noon” is one super hot track that brings back sparkling memories of my old break dancing days. Okay- I never really was a break dancer, but I dreamt about it a lot and in those dreams, I’m madly spinning and busting the greatest pop n’ lock routine ever seen.  I’m also wearing a show-stopping purple sequin track suit with matching kicks and I’m always dancing to this song.

I Can Has Glitter Nails

Cats are pretty cute already, but there’s one thing that can make them even more cute and that’s press-on nails.  Soft Paws has been making these gel caps for a while, but I never thought about getting them until now because they finally made them in GLITTER! I can’t wait for the fabulosity when both me and my kitties are wearing matching sparkle nails! And hey…don’t worry dog people, they also make them for your furry friends too.  What a wonderful world we live in!

These photos are from their website site and even though they’re not modeling the glitter version, these cats are SERVING!


Today’s Sparkle Video is one of the most glorious musical moments in film history because it’s a non-stop assault of happiness starring the heavenly Olivia Newton-John and my favorite hollywood dancer of all time, the legendary Gene Kelly.  In this clip, the music of ELO sets the magical background for the best fashion and hair moments ever seen together which are also choreographed into a melange of roller skaters, pop-n-lockers, light-up dance floors and laser beams.  This must have been one dazzlingly fun shoot to work on, however, they totally could have sprung for more sequins (yes, I’m talking to you wardrobe department!).


Sparkle Booze: APPROVED!

It’s no secret that I love a sparkly cocktail, but one thing I love even more than a sparkly cocktail is a sparkly cocktail made with booze that comes from a sparkly bottle.  To be honest, I really have no idea what Hpnotiq is or why someone thought is was a good idea to spell the name in such a ridiculous manner, but who cares?  They also had the luxuriously great sense to get out the bedazzler and dress it up for the party and not only that, but this stuff actually managed mix up some awesome “triple D’s”, as in dazzlingly delicious drinks!  Hpnotiq: it’s blue, it sparkles and it’s APPROVED!


I know, I know.  I have featured this song before but not this video.  Yes, I “Love to Love” this track very much, but today’s Sparkle Video is really all about the male dancer.  He seems so out of place- like this is an SNL skit or Jim Carrey spazzing out in silver metallic spandex, not to mention his “sex faces”. Truly, it’s KILLING ME!  I have to think Donna Summer knew nothing of what was going on behind her because as much as she is my queen, he is stealing the show.



Nothing makes me feeling like dancing more than my birthday and this video from the Ritchie Family which is nothing but pure disco explosion! Since it’s not every year that a girl turns 21 (unless you’re me), tonight I will be putting my feet to the beat, rocking the glitter face and drinking sparkly cocktails with fabulous friends while watching a dazzling performance from the hottest band in all the galaxy, Fall On Your Sword.

Awww yeah…
Happy Birthday to me!



Today’s Sparkle Video is just what it says not only because this song is one sexy number, but because the outfits are TURNING ME with sparkle jealousy!  The Supremes are nothing less than “Red Hot” while they commit a full frontal sequin assault and then follow it up with the double whammy because underneath those fabulous frocks are the only acceptable choice: black spandex pants.  Gorgeously big hair- check!  Luminous disco makeup- check!  Six point star filters- check!  There’s not much else to say here except, KABLAM! Oh.. and that I will be wearing that at the next Sparkle Army party.