With October 31st landing on a Sunday this year, there are parties all weekend long and today’s Sparkle Video is a promo for Cherylween happening in Brooklyn on Saturday night.  Set to the music of Chilly’s 1978 italo classic “For Your Love”, this glitter and Cheetos delight uses a creative technique we in “the biz” like to call an “acid nightmare”.

Also shared by directors David Lynch and Jim Jarmusch, this technique has one goal in mind: to leave you asking yourself “What does it all mean?”.  Now, I don’t know about you, but the message I’m getting is that Cheetos are so delicious that they take over your soul and turn you into an uncontrollable dancing machine and that’s good enough for me!  Besides, I’ve always wanted to hang out with Mr. Peanut.

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Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: Sequin Tube Tops

Introduced in the late 70’s, Sequin Tube Tops are the single most recognized item in Disco Fashion. This magical part of the “unofficial uniform” was often worn with slim fitting jeans and super sexy high heels as shown in this photo from the book “70’s Style and Design”.  Without a doubt, this outfit was the best choice for many reasons including sparkling madly under flashing lights, “easy access” at the after party and on a practical note-  boob support for all night dancing.

I can’t imagine life without Sequin Tube Tops and thankfully, I don’t have to because this timeless fashion piece is still around today.  Whether you buy a new one, score a fab vintage version or get some elasticized fabric and make your own- it really doesn’t matter.  Just get one!


Hold on to your pants ’cause if you don’t, today’s Sparkle Video is gonna knock ’em right off!  The gorgeous Supremes are giving it so hard in this full blown disco meltdown called “Let Yourself Go” that you can’t help but get up and dance.  The pulsating beat combined with the “overtime working” SEQUIN BATWING ARMS has an effect that can only be described as “KABLAM!”.  Wouldn’t it be great to have an alarm clock that played this every morning so you could start each day with SPARKLING FABULOSITY?   The only problem-  the Discos won’t be open for hours.


Halloween Drink Sparkles

It turns out the Soldiers of the Sparkle Army aren’t the only ones who love to drink Sparkly Cocktails! Regular ol’ normal people like to “add dazzle” to their drinks too except, apparently only once a year. Big mistake Wilton Company- these fabulous Halloween Drink Sparkles should be made available all year round. In fact, I think they should sponsor our next Join the Sparkle Army party and by sponsor, I mean help us pay for a “light-up” dancefloor!


I think we can all agree that Rick James invented “More is More” after seeing today’s Sparkle Video. There is nothing that’s not going on here: pyro entrance, glitterized hair, sequin spandex, knee-high metallic boots and a SPACE CUFF ONSLAUGHT that will kill your eyes with fabulousity! That’s because the whole entire band is decked out in Sparkle Funk Attire and it’s mighty impressive- especially because this song is about growing up in the ghetto and I’m pretty sure the only man who could get away with this outfit in the ghetto is Rick James. Even dressed in sparkles, he is a BADASS MASCULINE SEX MACHINE that takes full command of the stage and with when he says “Where’s the place you like to Funk?”…  you better know the answer!


Lip Flash!

MILANI cosmetics has a true superstar in their LIP FLASH pencils! I first wanted to buy them just for having a cool name but the truth is, they’re fabulous! They glide on smoothly like lipstick but are sheer enough to allow gobs of sparkle to shine through the juicy color. Not for the timid, Lip Flash comes in vibrant shades of red, orange, plum, bronze, purple and hot pink. Shown in the photos are my two favorite shades as well as a shot of me rocking 06 Flashy before heading out to the Disco.


Sparkle Army & NASA Secretly Working Together

Is it just me or did anyone else’s jaw drop when they read this article in today’s Metro?  Apparently, along with all of the scientific experiments astronauts are paid to do they are also making sure that dancing, booze and sex will be readily available for Space Tourism which, according to this article, is only a mere 5 years away!  That means that soon, The Sparkle Army will actually be partying in ACTUAL OUTERSPACE! Drinking ACTUAL SPACE BEER! I can just see it now… glitter floating around forever and ever, in weightless space like an eternal sparkling snow globe…

…So hang in there Soldiers because one day soon,we will all get on a rocket ship with our sparkle outfits and leave the right wingers and hypocrite losers down here on earth to fester in their own boredom.


F*ck True Blood- Give Me Disco Dracula!

All I know is, wherever I end up on Halloween better have these tracks.

“Give me, Give, Me Give Me….Your Blood….”    H-O-T !






Today’s Sparkle Video is a blast starting from the moment the TV announcer pokes fun at the band and the camera pans across a “white gloved” young lady doing the Robot. But wait… she’s not alone. Freeez is surrounded by squeaky clean kids wearing the white gloved look of old school Pop n’ Lockers! It makes me wonder- did they call each other the night before or did they buy them at the studio? Perhaps it was one of those wacky demands that bands put in their Rider? Were all the cool dancers at Soul Train?

I guess we’ll never know.  Regardless, “Pop Goes My Love” is a classic that you don’t hear much and this morning, it’s sounding FRESH!  Fresh enough to put me in a dancing mood and from watching all those colorful flashing lights- I’m ready!  Now, where did I put my gloves….


SPARKLE ALERT: Disco Smoke in a Can!

I know I never make two posts in one day, but I just couldn’t wait one moment to share this with all of you! What you see in this photo is Fantasy FX , the most fabulous invention since glitterized sliced bread.  Given to me this evening by NYC nightlife legend, Adorable Tim, this can allows for on-the-spot Disco Smoke anytime.. anywhere!

We prayed, the Disco Gods answered.. now all I need are those lazertits!