With October 31st landing on a Sunday this year, there are parties all weekend long and today’s Sparkle Video is a promo for Cherylween happening in Brooklyn on Saturday night.  Set to the music of Chilly’s 1978 italo classic “For Your Love”, this glitter and Cheetos delight uses a creative technique we in “the biz” like to call an “acid nightmare”.

Also shared by directors David Lynch and Jim Jarmusch, this technique has one goal in mind: to leave you asking yourself “What does it all mean?”.  Now, I don’t know about you, but the message I’m getting is that Cheetos are so delicious that they take over your soul and turn you into an uncontrollable dancing machine and that’s good enough for me!  Besides, I’ve always wanted to hang out with Mr. Peanut.

For more info go to www.cherylwillruinyourlife.info


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