Today’s Sparkle Video is everything.  With not a sequin, bedazzled crystal or speck of glitter in sight, Boytronic has managed to throw me right into a disco swirl simply from their presence and one ultra-synthesized track.  This television performance of “You” makes me feel like I am in a club somewhere with three of the coolest dancers on earth rocking the mid 80’s fashion I remember so vividly I read all about in vintage fashion books and who epitomize very distinct and fabulous character types.

The first guy we see, the keyboard player on the left, is one of those dancers who claims more of the floor than should be allowed except he’s having such a great time, we let him have it.  Then there’s the singer who’s totally feeling it by the way he moves and his facial expressions and the total package screams “Pass the Poppers!”.  Then finally at 0:28 we see him- my personal favorite-  the guy that doesn’t really dance so much as make “accented postures” to the beat.  I was always attracted to this type of disconnected aloofness  back in the 80’s  which I’ve learned about from watching movies about the 80’s and I guess I’m still a sucker for it.  However, most of all, I’m a sucker for this record which will be on a loop today until I can get to the disco tonight!

“Party Time” Sparkle Shirt: APPROVED!

I spotted this fabulous shirt on the way home today and aside from the fact that it’s in glorious multi-sparkle, what amazes me most about it is that I never thought to make something like this for myself.  After all, a sparkle shirt that says “Party Time” just screams Da General, am I right?  However, that’s not all it screams because if you listen closely, you’ll also hear “Buy me Soldier ‘cuz I’m fun, I sparkle and I’m APPROVED!”.



For the first Sparkle Video since my return to NYC I wanted something that really starts out with a bang and this clip from The Ohio Players certainly does.   What more fabulous an entrance can you have then this one filled with gobs of disco smoke accented by spinning sirens?   This intro to “Fire” screams “get up and dance” and in fact, this might be one of the few clips where the Midnight Special audience actually does get out of their seats and dance.  It’s a bedazzled funk explosion that’s unstoppable and just gets more and more dazzling when the singer in the sunglasses and dandy scarf gets down with his bad self while flame graphics shoot up around him and then KABLAM!  Pop n’ Lock!  I must say that as a devoted Midnight Special fan, this is truly one of the most epic performances to ever grace that legendary stage and has me chanting “O-H-I-O .. O-H-I-O!”.


I’m not sure how this post is going to turn out as I’m doing it from my phone. It’s never the method of choice, but when you’re traveling back from the German countryside trying to make sure that the Sparkle Video gets up on time, you do what you must. Today’s Sparkle Video is defintely a must because not only does it feature one of my idols, Amanda Lear, but she’s singing about one of my favorite subjects: the Studio 54 crowd. Fittingly, this video also features gobs of disco fashion- something I never get enough of even only days after swimming in it at Monster Ronsons’ last Saturday night!


Another Legendary Night!

Now that I am finally rested up after a spectacular night on Saturday, I just want to thank everyone who made the Join The Sparkle Army party so magical.

First, I must thank the dashing MC of the night, Monster Ronson, who throws his friendship, heart, soul and wallet into this party and without him none of this would be possible.

Also big round of thank yous to:

– all of our musical guests:  DJ Juan of a Kind for playing the grooves to get the party started right, The Supermen Lovers for an amazing live disco show and to Massimiliano Pagliara for delivering an extra special galactic set a that rocked our sparkling world!

– our special rooms of fun: Isa who ran the green screen room so that our Soldiers could dance in outer space (can’t wait to see the video!).  Fenia for the sparkle-tastic makeup and Shauna for the glittering tattoos!

– dancing sensation Jackee Word for showing us all how to move in the fiercest way possible!

– our devoted Sparkle Soldiers who helped us build the most fantastical spaceship deco ever: Diane, Lucy, Julian, Rebi, Ding Dong, Cedric, Shambuh, Sheldon, Marcie, Bambi, Maya & Uri.

– sound & lighting team Rebi & Adrian for making the this very important part of the night so spectacular

– to all the Ronsons’ team who worked so hard before, during and after the party. They keep the drinks flowing, the smiles coming and the sparkles sparkling.. you are all truly the best there is!

Most important I’d like to thank all of our guests because it’s your sparkling energy that made this night so successful and yes, legendary.  Many, Many thanks & love!

By the way, we are still gathering photos to put on the website so if you have any you want to share, please let us know!


Tonight’s the Night!


Tonight’s the night that Sparkle Soldiers everywhere have been waiting for:  Join The Sparkle Army at Monster Ronson’s in party central Berlin.  The disco spaceship this year is truly out of this world and you have to see it to believe it so make sure your are here tonight… and that’s an order!

P.S.  Wear sparkles!


Today’s Sparkle Video is the only choice for the night before Join The Sparkle Army at Monster Ronson’s.  Laurice (aka Laurie) Marshall is singing about a fabulous “Disco Shapeship” in the sky while he wears a silver metallic caftan and glitter sprinked afro coif. His enlightening words still hold up today because some humans (not us of course) could still use some fabulous aliens from all over the galaxy to come down and show how it’s really done.  And when I say “It” I mean peace, harmony and getting down on the dance floor in a serious way.  See it fly!

Disco Commercials: Maybelline Kissing Sticks

Let’s hear it once again for 1979 when disco had an influnce over everything including cosmetic products.  Soldiers have always known that there’s nothing like a dance floor make-out and that having smooth, shiny and luscious lips is a required part of any disco proper makeup look.  After all, flashing lights and laser beams don’t look their best against a matte pout, do they?   Maybelline was smart to acknowledge this fact and used it in this fabulous gem for Kissing Sticks–  fruit flavored, calorie free “treats” for the lips.  Most important is the closing tag line, “What kisses your lips but isn’t human?”, which I think is a secret message that’s really saying “disco chicks are up for anything!”.


Apologies Soldiers- with only 8 days left to go before we embark on our legendary evening together on November 10, there hasn’t been much time for writing.  Mostly due to putting the finishing touches on my sparkle outfit which always takes a bit of time, but in the middle of  Hurricane Sandy it’s taking a bit longer than usual.  However, as you all know, I never miss a Sparkle Video day because it’s something I look forward to all week and today’s clip is another example of that fabulosity we love.   The shimmering ladies of Class Action are dressed in THE height of 80’s disco fashion- from the clothing silhouettes to the gold dripped everything and especially the use of head bands (yes- we all wore them!).  It’s all accented with the only accessory one needs to make a point on the dance floor.. . a laser. Topped off with this funky cover of “Weekend” makes this one of my favorite videos of all time!