For the first Sparkle Video since my return to NYC I wanted something that really starts out with a bang and this clip from The Ohio Players certainly does.   What more fabulous an entrance can you have then this one filled with gobs of disco smoke accented by spinning sirens?   This intro to “Fire” screams “get up and dance” and in fact, this might be one of the few clips where the Midnight Special audience actually does get out of their seats and dance.  It’s a bedazzled funk explosion that’s unstoppable and just gets more and more dazzling when the singer in the sunglasses and dandy scarf gets down with his bad self while flame graphics shoot up around him and then KABLAM!  Pop n’ Lock!  I must say that as a devoted Midnight Special fan, this is truly one of the most epic performances to ever grace that legendary stage and has me chanting “O-H-I-O .. O-H-I-O!”.