ATTENTION SOLDIERS:  This is an update to the original post from this morning.  I have been informed that once again, today’s video is not viewable in Germany- and who knows where else.  Thanks a bunch youtube.  I have also added a clip of the same song from the much better and cooler vimeo.  It’s a different version, without the fancy party in the background, but you still get the vibe.  It’s placed at the end so scroll down to view. Peace and Sparkles!

Today’s Sparkle Video, the last one of the year, is from our beloved Boney M because there’s no better way to start the holiday weekend!  Here they perform the joyful and uplifting “Sunny” in all its disco glory for a room full of revelers in formal attire which makes me long for the days when wearing gowns to a party was the norm.  Just looking at all the dandies in tuxes and ladies in flowing floor length dresses already puts me in a sparkling mood, but then it’s kicked up a few glittering notches by the words in the song.  “The dark days are gone and the bright days are here” is something we can all relate to as we ditch “used and abused 2011” and welcome in “shiny and new 2012” which, according to my sources, is going to be ultra-sparkling!


Disco Noel

Why settle for the same old Christmas carols when you can be drinking hot glog to Disco Noel?  No matter what holiday you celebrate, here are some tracks to get the mirror ball rolling!

Wishing Sparkle Soldiers everywhere a fabulous, tipsy and jewel encrusted holiday!


Today’s Sparkle Video is a holiday treat!  The lovely ladies from Legs & Co are dancing up a special number for the Top of the Pops Christmas Special dressed like scantily clad Poinsetta Elves trimmed with silver tinsel and sexy ankle boots.  Who wouldn’t want to wake up and find these hot nymphs setting up their toys while they work it out robot style to Funky Town?  Let’s all start a new tradition we can get behind and forget about Santa and that boring plate of cookies.  From now on Soldiers, it’s all about leaving flutes of champagne!


Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: Designer Jeans



Before the late 70’s and early 80’s, jeans were mainly worn by blue collar workers and rebellious outsider types who went against the norm of fashion standards.  Enter disco music and Designer Jeans which transformed denim from casual and easy into very tight and ultra fabulous thus giving rise to one of the most famous expressions of all time: “painted on jeans”.  While some of the labels had actual known designers behind them like Gloria Vanderbilt and Calvin Klein, many of them were unheard of names that, through the magic of advertising, became fantastically successful and amazingly unforgettable.

Some of the legendary tag lines forever etched in our brains are “Oh La La Sasson!”, ” Uh, Oh Sergio!” and my personal favorite, “I Beg Your Chardon”.  Equally enduring is the Jordache song, “You’ve got the look I want to know better…You’ve got the look that’s all together…” which is still one of the most recognized jingles in TV commercial history.  How dazzling that they all implied that anyone who wore these jeans enjoyed a lifestyle of dancing, sex, parties and gobs popularity with the “in” crowd.  In fact, Designer Jeans and their ad campaigns lead the way in another category we hold near and dear to our hearts, The Disco Commercial.

To be continued…




Today’s Sparkle Video is like an episode of “Lost in Space” gone fabulously right.  Our beloved “Supernature” gets reworked by the boys of Erasure who’ve turned that stage into a dreamy planet of colorful flashing lights and disco smoke where everyone wears spandex spacesuits accented with dazzling sequins.  All of this yumminess is dramatized by their slow motion movements, strobe light pods and monsterous eyeball plants hovering about like they’re going to eat them all at any second. Oh l’amour!




POPbeauty Nail Polish: APPROVED!

As you all know Soldiers, for the past few months I have been obsessed with Japanese 3D manicures which culminated in the O.T.T. gem nails I wore to the Sparkle Army party last month (right photo).  I now have amassed so many supplies for making nails that I’ve vowed never again to go to a party in bare, unsightly natural nails because only fabulous “pressed-on” glamour will do for me!  Sometimes, however, I don’t always have a week’s time to prepare a fully fantastical set, so it’s always a good option to have various glitter nail polishes on hand.  This way, if I need to work out something quickly in order to hit the disco on time, I can.

Last friday was such a day.  I knew I was going dancing, but also knew I didn’t have much time so thought it would be a great idea to nab some new sparkling nail polish to add to my collection.  I looked around for a bit and most lines had one or two glitter options, but then I turned the corner and KABLAM!  Popbeauty hit me with a full line of not only glitter nails polishes, but many of them in glorious multi-sparkle variations which is always my favorite way to go.  Being of the “More is More” mindset, I chose “Confetti Glitz” which has bits of silver, pink & fuchsia large style glitter.  My reasoning was knowing I had only about an hour to do the whole manicure, this would give me maximum impact quickly (always think ahead Soldiers!).  The final result?  Fast, fabulous and dance floor ready in under an hour!

POPbeauty nail polish: they sparkle, they’re “multi” and they are APPROVED!


I know, I know.  I have not been keeping up on my duties to write about all things sparkly since I got back from Berlin, but in my defense, I’ve returned to NYC at the height of holiday party season.   Too many parties keeping Da General busy at night and my days are being spent shopping for sparkly things to wear.  So not that much has changed really, I just need to work on my time management so that it includes champagne hangovers.  However, the one thing you can always count on Soldiers, no matter what, is Sparkle Video Day.

That’s right!  I have not missed a Sparkle Video Day since I started this campaign of fabulosity and I am committed to making sure your Fridays are filled with glittering inspiration.  That said- I must confess I am growing increasingly annoyed with the corporatization of youtube.  When it’s not shoving some company paid promotion or commercial down your throat, it’s taking down amazing and rare vintage disco clips.  So today, I am pulling from vimeo and what a glorious gem I have found for you!

Today’s Sparkle Video features two of my all time favorite things, Sylvester and Roller DiscoSylvester is one of my heroes for many reasons, but mostly because we share the exact same view of fashion and also because he was truly blessed with the ability to turn anything into “an outfit”.  Here, he’s wearing a clearly customized purple bedazzled top paired with some sort of uniform pants, but it works.. it works Soldiers, because he oozes fabulosity!  I’m also totally feeling Martha Wash’s asymmetrical blue satin caftan that encompasses one leg in a clever harem explosion.  Sprinkle in some hotties on skates and gobs of flashing lights accentuated by glorious star filters and there you have it- PERFECTION.




I’m just getting back in the swing of the Big Apple after having the most wonderful time in Berlin.  With so many great people to hang out with and so many fun parties to go to, a girl really gets to show off her jewel encrusted Press-On-Nails!  In keeping with my most recent mission abroad, today’s Sparkle Video is from those kawaii pandas from Cholorphorm TV, Joost and Laura.  Once again, they’ve captured the glittering spirit of what Join the Sparkle Army means and if i might add, they only go to the coolest and most fabulous parties so it’s always a gorgeous compliment to have them at ours.

If you were there- relive the moment.  If you weren’t- I hope you’ll make it next time!