Mirrorman of L.A.: APPROVED!

photo credit: silver sky


According to his website, artist Gustav Troger aka Mirrorman, is a living sculpture and who’s mission is for “people to question reality by looking at him and seeing themselves instead”. His amazing suit is made from hundreds of mirror pieces that are attached in layers instead of glued flatly down on the fabric. This allows for greater flexibility in movement and a smashing “theme track” when he walks.  He’s also created a dazzling Mirrorcar with the same geometric-style cuts of glass, which must be quite a spectacular sight when he’s driving it!  I think what I love most about his suit is that it’s the closest any human has ever come to achieving “invisibility” and for that- he is APPROVED!

Now all he needs is some lasers!



Vintage Sparkle Shoes: APPROVED!


I’ve been snapping photos of sparkley things for about a month now as the holiday season brings us a glorious abundance of dazzling gems in every shop window.  Unfortunately- I also get distracted easily so I’ve been remiss in posting about my delightful finds.  That is until tonight.  Behold these ultra fabulous Vintage Sparkle Shoes I spotted sitting in the window of Amarcord in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!  “Be still my mirror-tiled heart”, I thought as they instantly transported me back to glamour days of old Hollywood and beyond.  While I love all sparkle shoes, these stunners run rings around their modern countperparts because they’re silver sling backs, they’re made with rhinestones and they’re APPROVED!

“Party Time” Sparkle Shirt: APPROVED!

I spotted this fabulous shirt on the way home today and aside from the fact that it’s in glorious multi-sparkle, what amazes me most about it is that I never thought to make something like this for myself.  After all, a sparkle shirt that says “Party Time” just screams Da General, am I right?  However, that’s not all it screams because if you listen closely, you’ll also hear “Buy me Soldier ‘cuz I’m fun, I sparkle and I’m APPROVED!”.


Disco Ball Rings: APPROVED!

I’ve been doing a lot of sparkle shopping lately because as you know, another Join the Sparkle Army party is happening on November 10th, so I like to pick up some extra dazzle just in case.  As in, just in case I feel like wearing an over-sized cocktail ring made with a giant Disco Ball!  What a great way to let everyone around you know that you’re the life of the party all the time.  That you’re always up for extra late nights filled with endless dancing, equally endless cocktails, glittering outfits and fabulous jewelry that is APPROVED!


Disco Palace: APPROVED!

This photo was found on the world wide web by NYC legend Mother Krunk, who knows full well that mirror-tiled anything must be immediately reported to Da General.  This is a fantasy I like to call the Disco Palace because it sparkles in such a blinding way, it’d be dangerous if it wasn’t so darn fabulous!  It’s got everything: a disco unicorn, a sequined princess, I want to live there forever and it’s APPROVED!

Red Hot Nails with Disco Pinkie: APPROVED!


Nothing makes my heart beat faster than some ultra long, dangerously pointy red hot nails unless you throw in a dazzling disco pinkie, and then it’s more like KABLAM!  These gorgeous fingers are attached to NYC Nightlife Superstar Darian Darling, who makes a living by being herself (a.k.a. “fabulous”) twentyfour-seven.   Glamor, parties and glamorous parties are all in a day’s work for Darian, so having spectacular hands is not just a fashion choice, it’s a lifestyle requirement and- making sure that they sparkle?  APPROVED! APPROVED! APPROVED!

Sequin Poems: APPROVED!

What’s better than wearing an outfit dripping in sequins?   Reciting a poem about sequins while wearing an outfit dripping in sequins!  While I’ve never been much for poetry or spoken word performances,  Tim Jones-Helvington has turned me into a fan because his prose exalts what every Sparkle Soldier knows-  that sequins are always the right choice.  His talent for turning this sentiment into a dazzling art form is not only extremely impressive, but also highly APPROVED!




Disco Deodorant: APPROVED!


Marketing is everything as we can see here from this disco-tastic Degree Deodorant packaging.  I went to the store to grab my longtime favorite product that I was totally devoted to, when I caught a glimpse of this.  In fact, it was calling to me from the shelf saying, “Hey General, I’m a Sparkle Soldier too!  I’ve got a disco ball, a glitter cap and I’ll protect you all night on the dance floor… for up to 24 hours!”.  Well, there was no way that I wasn’t going to take that challenge, Soldiers!  Especially now, because the season’s outdoor dance parties are about to kick in and having this kind of encouragement, support and devotion is 100% APPROVED!

Multi-Sparkle Ear: APPROVED!

I saw this today and was so delighted that I had to take a photo.  This eye catching ear decorated in fabulous Multi-Sparkle belongs to Honey, manicurist to the stars, who is so rightfully proud of her dazzling good taste that she quickly turned around so that I could capture the other side.  She is a true believer in “More is More” and assured me that it never crossed her mind to go minimal with her colorful gemstones and Honey… that kind of style is always APPROVED!


My Horoscope: APPROVED!


This is my horoscope for February from the L Magazine and it’s totally on point.  Being a Pisces has always been awesome, but now the stars are giving me and my fellow fish carte blanche to dance 24/7- anytime or anywhere we feel like it!  Not that we weren’t already engaging is this dazzling behavior, but now it’s an order from the mystics.  It seems they agree that you can only find fulfillment and gratification in your life after you’ve danced your ass off and that, Soldiers, will always be APPROVED!