Sure, today’s Sparkle Video is off to a choppy start, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that Stargard is “on fire” as they perform the funkiest track known to man.   It’s a feast for the eyes as well, as their fierce dance moves are accentuated by flowing chiffon, gobs of feathers and yards of sparkling spandex. They’re girls after my own heart as they ask… no- demand to know,  “What are you waiting for, Why don’t you get on the floor?”  Truly something that I, Da General would say.  That, and “I believe I feel some funk coming on”.  And I do!


Disco Commercials: Sanyo Audio Spec

“Step into the Sanyo world of Audio Spec”, beckons this lovely lady with the sultry voice and fabulous hair, because it’s 1977!  That’s right, everyone was living life to the fullest back then, which is why a car stereo with “Hi Power Bi-amp Disco Sound” was not a luxury, but a necessity.  Certainly anyone who was anyone on their way out for a night of dancing would want to have a Pre-Party on the drive to the club, not to mention a rollicking After-Party on the way home.

VIEWER IMPRESSION:  Gotta have it!




I could watch today’s Sparkle Videos over and over because I am completely smitten with the super dreamy Bobby Orlando.  That’s right- there are two today because it’s rare to see footage of a full performance from Bobby” O”, which I can’t understand given his extreme hotness.  Could it be that he was so busy producing music for everyone that he didn’t have time to make appearances?  Or is there a secret archive somewhere that one day will be released that also includes my favorites, “I’m So Hot For You”, “How To Pick Up Girls” and “Androgyny”?   One can only hope, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy this handsome devil right now singing “Whisper To A Scream” and “A Man Like Me”.  Oh, and might I add that everyone knows the next best thing to sequins and spandex is a well dressed man in a suit and tie working it out on a stage filled with flashing lights, disco smoke and laser beams.  Indeed, a man like this can make a woman out of me any day!



Heels Dot Com

SOLDIERS: I have found the One-Stop-Shop for sparkle shoes!   Whether you’re a Disco Queen, Glam Rock Star or Magical Princess, you’re sure to find a pair (or twenty!) of dazzlers you simply must have at heels.com.   I did searches for all my favorite colors- “glitter”, “sequins” and “crystals”, and each time more and more fabulous styles came up.  Also to my delight, they have many styles in glorious Multi-Sparkle and so amazingly affordable, I can treat myself to a few or maybe even all of them!   To give you an idea, these are just a few selections from their website- which I now call “The Multi-Sparkle Motherload”.   I wonder if they’d consider changing their name?


Today’s post is called Part ll because “Just An Illusion” has been the Sparkle Video before, but not this version!  Imagination is quite popular here in Sparkle Town because aside from having a never ending supply of dazzling outfits, they’re truly a group who understands that image is everything and if you’re going to put on a show- then PUT ON A SHOW.  This particular clip was chosen because it rivals the new “Dark Shadows” movie (also fabulous) for the coveted HorrorCamp Award, but I think this haunted house mystery/fashion show might be the winner.  Instead of running for his life, the lead singer is full of swagger as he explores every nook and cranny of that old mansion that features ghosts, dancing skeletons, shimmering vampires and gobs of disco smoke.  What really puts this video over the top for the award though, is when he takes full command of the stairs and turns it into an impromptu stage for his silky descent into the main room.  There, he totally works the dance floor in front of a proper audience, sparkling madly all the while.  Yes Soldiers, we have a winner!



I’ve been talking a lot about disco lately so today’s Sparkle Video is a tribute to the other form of music I love: Rock n’ Roll.  This clip is important for many reasons, but to start, it’s the first one to be uploaded of NYC Nightlife Royalty, Jayne County‘s performance last night at Bowery Electric.   It was the first night of the Max’s Kansas City Reunion shows and while there’s no way to capture the amazing energy or sound on videocam, I was there and I can tell you that Ms. Jayne sparkles like no other on stage!  Yes, she’s still got it and rocks it out harder than anyone half her age, wait- make that 3/4 of her age- and always makes a fabulous entrance.

Even though I’ve seen her many times before, I’m especially glad that I went last night because Ms. Jayne also announced her retirement (“NOOO!” we all screamed!), which is another reason this clip was chosen for today.  That’s right, she said she will never perform in NYC again so if you snoozed, you really lost this time!  However, I’m sure more clips of this amazing evening will be available soon for you, and I highly recommend “Rock n’ Roll Resurrection”.  That was truly a religious experience and gave me chills as I watched her “baptize” people amongst flashing lights and screams of worship.  Yes Soldiers, last night Jayne County washed us all in the blood of Rock ‘n Roll and it was LEGENDARY.


Tana Nails

It’s no secret that I love “Press On Nails” and since my obsession started last year for 3D Nails (remember the amazingly fabulous ones I made for the last SA party in November 2011?), I’ve amassed quite a kit of crystals, gemstones, cabochons, decals, charms, various nails style, glues and the holders for decorating them.  As you can imagine, buying all those supplies cost quite a bit, but it’s okay because it’s an investment in the future and also, I like having my own unique styles.  I’m about to start a new set which is going to be an homage to my favorite old school rapper, Slick Rick, which will feature plenty of “diamonds” and gold bars (but sorry- no eye patches!).



In the meantime, with vacation quickly approaching, I need to have a set ready to go in case things get too busy before I leave and truth be told, I’ve been wanting this set from Tana Nails for quite some time.  It’s called “My Jewelry Box” which is indeed the perfect name because these delightful treasures are completely encrusted with crystals, adorable rosettes and rhinestone gold link chains.  They are handmade to order and at only $45, are a luxury Da General cannot ignore!


P.S.  It’s difficult to shoot photos of your own hand that don’t look weird!  Kudos to all the hand models out there that make it look so easy!


Never has travel in outer space been as fascinating as in today’s Sparkle Video.  DÖF creates a very unique take on aliens with “Codo”, and while my German is still pretty spotty, it seems to be about a planet with no love and no fun.  Clearly somewhere no one would ever want to go except that they have fabulous outfits.  Even Da General can put up with a little “no fun” if I am able to fly around in a shimmering blue cape ensemble or chiffon-esque princess gown– but then again, that would make it fun!  Also, I must confess that the guy in the plastic bag who’s fashion is so dangerously suicidal makes me a little uneasy.   Can it be that no one ever told him that his bag was not a toy, or is he literally bored to death and no longer cares about living?   Either way Soldiers, make sure to avoid his situation by having maximum fun coated with maximum sparkle at all times.