I could watch today’s Sparkle Videos over and over because I am completely smitten with the super dreamy Bobby Orlando.  That’s right- there are two today because it’s rare to see footage of a full performance from Bobby” O”, which I can’t understand given his extreme hotness.  Could it be that he was so busy producing music for everyone that he didn’t have time to make appearances?  Or is there a secret archive somewhere that one day will be released that also includes my favorites, “I’m So Hot For You”, “How To Pick Up Girls” and “Androgyny”?   One can only hope, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy this handsome devil right now singing “Whisper To A Scream” and “A Man Like Me”.  Oh, and might I add that everyone knows the next best thing to sequins and spandex is a well dressed man in a suit and tie working it out on a stage filled with flashing lights, disco smoke and laser beams.  Indeed, a man like this can make a woman out of me any day!