Today’s Sparkle Video features the sequin catsuit to end all sequin catsuits because this SPACED OUT SILVER number is totally OFF THE CHAIN! What’s amazing is how current the shape is- those shoulders are right on trend in 2010.  I’m also tripping on the right sleeve that includes a fabulous, “hinting at a SPACE CUFF” detail!  Notice when Emily Woods is moving, she knows how to work that body to show off this genius design?

Truthfully, I do find this outfit an odd choice for a classic song like Proud Mary and I wonder why didn’t she go for covering a hot track by Patrick Cowley, but who really cares?  She looks stunning amidst all those disco balls and laser beams, and isn’t that what we all want out of life?


Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: SPACE CUFFS!

Because I cannot stop pointing them out every time I see them, I thought it time to pay them homage. Not for the shy or timid, SPACE CUFFS are the most glorious and daring accessories one can wear.

From a book published in 1983 called “Fashion 2001”, this outfit is single-handedly responsible for my obsession and was created by France Andrevie, a Belgian designer who specialized in avant garde clothing. This cherished book is filled with images from various designers who shared their SPACED OUT FASHION PREDICTIONS for the future, but this one is by far my favorite!  Wouldn’t the world be a more fabulous place if people dressed in this DISCO-TASTIC ensemble all the time?

Sadly, Mlle. Andrevie never got to see how her predictions for the future turned out, as she passed away in 1984 at the age of 39.  Today, I declare that the Sparkle Army is devoted to keeping her dream alive and I encourage all of you to go out, find some fabulous materials and start making yours today!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… SPACE CUFFS: GET SOME!


There’s only one thing to say about today’s Sparkle Video and that’s: KABLAM!  THE DAZZLE DANCERS are Heroes of the Sparkle Army and in this sassy version of the Love Boat, it’s pretty clear why. All of our favorite things jam packed into 4 minutes and 1 second of fun- scantily clad bodies, glitter, sparkles and MORE GLITTER! Did you happen to notice the fabulous use of SPARKLE CUFF FASHION? (Get Some!)

“Although we prefer to be nude, the Dazzle Dancers perform covered in glitter and stripped down to masterfully designed costumes. Our goals, however, extend beyond mere spectacle. We are committed to spreading a message of love and sexual freedom. We battle the forces of blandness, fear and isolation so common in our clenched culture of coffee franchises, fear marketing and money worship. All of this is accomplished through the powerful forces of dance, glitter and fun”  (excerpt from Dazzle Dancers’ Manifesto,



The Sparkle Army Returns to Uranus!

Just when you thought it was safe to go out and not get hit by a glitter bomb, the Sparkle Army is returning to Berlin on SEPTEMBER 11, 2010. Once again, Monster Ronson’s will be tricked out with disco balls, smoke and laser beams so you can dance all night to DJ’s spinning the best in SPACED OUT SPARKLE DISCO and a very special spotlight LIVE PERFORMANCE from DEN HAAN! More details to come soon, but for now… SAVE THE DATE!

You better get started making your outfit! For inspiration and “how to” tips, check out I’m on my way there right now!

Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: Disco Beauty

Because it’s Saturday and you are all headed out to the Disco tonight, here’s some inspiration for you! “Disco Beauty: Nighttime Makeup by Sandy Linter” was published in 1979 and features full color photos and instructions for high drama beauty for the Disco.  Sandy Linter is LEGENDARY in the fashion and makeup world and this book was her collaboration with other great artists including top hair stylists Harry King and John Sahag. I love to look at all the GLITTERING, SHIMMERING MODELS who were the most gorgeous icons of the era such as Patti Hansen, Esme and Gia!

Shooting this book must have been fun fun FUN and leads me to wonder- did they go to Studio 54 before or after each shoot day? Maybe both.. it was 1979 after all!


Due to a crushing Champagne hangover, this is going to be short and sweet, but no matter because today’s Sparkle Video doesn’t need much introduction. The fabulous Amanda Lepore’s “Cotton Candy” is oodles of fun with gobs of GLITTERING JEWELS and DANCING SPARKLES! Also starring super hottie Cazwell as the nerdy love interest, this is one of those videos I can’t get enough of- it really is sweet like Cotton Candy!


Empire Sparkle Heels: APPROVED!

The press release for these limited edition shoes came out in Spring and the official photos did not do them justice.  On Monday night, I strolled past the GEOX store where these shoes are smartly displayed and I immediately felt lightheaded- stars swooned around my head as a flurry of sparks lit up my eyes! “Sparkle Confusion” soon set in, as I wasn’t sure whether to focus on the fully SEQUINED UPPER SHOE or the RHINESTONE ENCRUSTED HEEL shaped in honor of NYC’s own Empire State Building. What a fabulous tribute and purely magical idea!

The only problem with these shoes- which do I choose?  Leopard, black and purple sequin- all are my favorites and all are APPROVED!


There’s nothing I don’t love about today’s Sparkle Video- from the opening scene right up to the end- it’s sex on fire!  Lulu is feeling it singing “I Love to Boogie” but we all know what she means. Her divine hotness in that skintight SEQUIN CATSUIT, thanks to a steady diet of carrot sticks, screams MEOW MEOW MEOW! Once her underage dance partner shows up in equally tight pants, high heels and shiny slicked back hair, things really heat up!

Grinding on the dancefloor, surrounded by a circle of strangers rolling around them- it’s just like a scene from Plato’s Retreat… except with clothes!


Space Porn Sounds Like This

When it comes to music, the Sparkle Army’s motto is: We like both kinds of music- ROCK N’ ROLL and DISCO! Both are driving, hard, sexy genres that cause provocative and “uncensored” behavior and that’s the kind of party we all want to be at!

Today’s featured track is an Italo Disco number that rocks my world! “I’m Not Ready” by Fred Ventura is a sexy combination I call “New Order meets Divine at Human League’s house and then Bobby O shows up for cocktails”.  There’s got to be a porn flick somewhere with this in it- one with SPACE SLUTS in partially SPANDEXED BODIES, writhing to the rhythm while Space Ship Control lights flash all around them.  If not… let’s make one!


Glitter & Diamonds…Oh My!

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means…. it’s almost Friday!  In order to keep my Soldiers looking their Sparkling Best, I am posting this makeup tutorial from Richie Nickel who’s youtube channel, “What Style is to Nickel” has over 65,000  subscribers. The adorable Richie does this this world a huge service by educating people on how to push their looks to gorgeous extremes and this tutorial is my favorite because it’s pure SPARKLE MAYHEM! That’s right… when it comes to beauty, Richie knows that “MORE IS MORE”!

Another thing I love about about this makeup lesson is that it’s almost in “real time”.  That means you can accomplish this dazzling look in about 15 minutes depending on your current skills and supplies. I’m pretty sure you all have glitter and diamonds strewn about your home so get started now- … it’s almost Friday!