To celebrate the long 4th of July weekend, today’s Sparkle Video is a slice of Americana on DAZZLE OVERLOAD! Back in the 70’s, variety shows exploding with sequins were the norm and everyone in showbiz had one.  Our favorite blended family, The Brady Bunch, was no exception and in this clip, are working SPARKLE OVERTIME in a medley of disco classics!

There is so much to see in this video- a bevy of dancers in sherbet colored GLITTER AFROS, “fake” Jan belting out “Turn the Beat Around”  and my personal fave, Greg Brady’s stiff whitewashed version of the Jacksons’ “Enjoy Yourself”.  There’s even cameo from the “What’s Happening” gang featuring top notch dance moves from Fred “Rerun” Berry!  All of this in a flurry of RHINESTONE MADNESS!

With the set, the costumes, the STARFILTERS– all so fabulous, it really makes me believe those Brady “behind the scenes” rumors must be true!