Thank God It’s Friday

No- it’s not Friday because everyone knows Friday is Sparkle Video Day!  Today’s post is about last weekend, which I spent at my good friend R. Wayne’s exclusive and rustic summer house in the country.  It’s so nice to leave the cell phones and internet behind and get away to enjoy nature and all that other natural stuff that goes along with it.  However, there’s one thing I refuse to give up no matter where I am and that’s a dance party complete with disco balls and gobs of glitter.  The best part is that these dance parties are old school which means vinyl only, as nothing sounds as great as good old fashioned records.

Back to the point anyway.. last weekend I discovered a treasure among treasures in the record bin- the “Thank God It’s Friday” soundtrack!  I already have the movie in my DVD collection, but seeing and touching this piece of history was like discovering the holy grail.  This album is the perfect example of why vinyl was, and still is, so much better.  First, there’s the album art which includes inner sleeve covers for each of the three discs (2 plus 1 bonus disc!), all covered with various disco-tastic images from the movie.   Then, as a favor to all the DJ’s out there, the BPM for each track is noted for seamless mixing.  This album has so many classics on it such as the self titled theme song by Love and Kisses, Patti Brooks’ legendary “After Dark” and “Last Dance” from our queen, Donna Summer.   However, my new obsession is Sunshine‘s “Take It To The Zoo” , which is one sexified, hypnotic track, especially when they sing, “It’s fridaaay night.. thank GAaawwd”.

Lastly, the best and most dazzling thing about record albums is the additional stuff they used to put inside them and this one had a fabulous but forgotten gem- an order form for official TGIF merchandise!  It’s been laying inside the album since 1978-  a little sparkling time capsule just waiting for Da General to find it, break it free and let if be loved all over again.  Sometimes, I just look at it and touch it.  Other times I go full-blown fantasy and contemplate if I want to order the gold necklace or the satin jack.  Maybe even throw in some disco wrist bands.  Then again, for these prices, I could buy it all and why not?  After all…  More is More!

Empress of the Aliens Barbie

Check this out Soldiers:  I go off on vacation to Berlin (another legendary marathon of fun, thanks for asking!) and while I’m away, Empress of the Aliens™ Barbie® makes her gorgeous debut and bloody sells out!  How could she not, in this glamorously galactic outfit made of iridescent metallics and chiffon?   Plus, both arms and legs are “encircled in ornate cuffs” just like a proper Space Princess.  Like Goddess of the Galaxy™ Barbie® , she was designed by Bill Greening, who has truly cinched the nomination for my new fashion hero, especially with his attention to detail by adding a scorpion-esque head dress, sparkle-tastic eye makeup and fabulously sexy shoes.

Top honors also go out because she is shown modeling in front of a Space Background, similar to the one we had at last year’s Join the Sparkle Army party.  Which reminds me Soldiers, the reason I was in Berlin, aside from vacation, was for a “top secret meeting”.  Yes indeed …the planning has begun.


The Multinauts

A while back Ronson went out and hired real live video specialists to create a dazzling promo for one of our parties.  They used all kinds of tricks to make him look like he was zipping around in outer space and it was pretty darn cool.  Well, check out The Multinauts who have totally raised the bar by making a Sci-Fi series of galactic proportion.  Aside from the usual things you’d expect from a show about space, they also wisely included a lot of special elements to make this series such a smashing success.  Cocktail parties, gobs of lasers, hot electro music and bitchy fetish queens are some of the fabulous things in their universe and I want more so I’m hoping they add a new episode soon.  Perhaps I should suggest they film one at the next Join the Sparkle Army party… but it will be called “The Multi-Sparkle-nauts”!


Magic Showerhead

It’s time to party in the shower Soldiers, because Magic Showerhead is here!  No more taking chances with disco lights near the tub because this fabulous fountain will not only supply your water, but also your dramatic lighting in dazzling multi-colors.  Ordering. Mine. Now.

History of Glitter

I was truly planning to write one of my sparklingly entertaining posts today, but then something fabulous came up and I just couldn’t say no (you’ll forgive me right, Soldiers?).  Instead, for your enjoyment, is this equally fascinating video about the History of Glitter which is something all Sparkle Soldiers should know about anyway.  Thanks Etsy!


Going Global

It really does my shimmering heart good to see the Sparkle Army represented all over the world.  Just look at this fabulous sand graffiti moment at Agios Stefanos beach in Mykonos.  Even though he was on vacation, Captain JK  still managed to honor his duties to help spread the “Word of Glitter” to all humanity.  That’s what I call dedication Soldiers!

Speaking of dedication, the time has some for us to once again dazzle on the dance floor under disco balls and laser beams ….  and drink sparkley cocktails of course!  That’s right- another fabulous Join The Sparkle Army party is taking place in November.   Official announcement is coming Monday so be sure and check back!



Holy Disco Balls!

I’m really not sure how something of this sparkling magnitude escaped my knowledge for two whole years, but thanks to Sparkle Soldier R. Wayne, I am now aware and in total awe of artist Michel de Broin’s amazing creation of the world’s largest disco ball.   Made from 1000 mirrors and a dazzling 7.5 meters in diameter, this glorious work of art was created and hung for only one night in the Jardin de Luxembourg for an event called Nuit Blanche.  Oh Parisians, why just one night? It should have stayed up for eternity, but have no fear- when I have my own planet, I’m going to use it to replace the moon.

Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie

Am I dreaming.. can someone pinch me? Or, have I died and gone to Space Disco Heaven?   My favorite superstar doll of all time, who already has hundreds of Mackies in her closet, is now stepping out in what appears to be a LeGaspi inspired design.  Goddess of the Galaxy™ Barbie® is clearly on her way to the next Sparkle Army party in this futuristic ensemble designed by Bill Greening.  Behold her fabulosity as she poses in her silver metallic and bedazzled corset, gobs of sparkling sequins and space cuffs on her arms and legs!  I am gagging over her for countless reasons (did I mention the thigh-high platform boots?), but mainly because I simply must have her and secondly- how am I going to top this outfit?

Portable Party Kit

Have you ever had the experience of being somewhere and all of the sudden some great music comes on and you start to dance but alas, something is missing?  That’s right- there’s no disco ball in sight!  I can tell you it’s happened one too many times for my liking so you can image my delight at finding this portable mirror ball set from  The lighting is sold separately, but I’m thinking that bringing along some hand held lasers, Disco Smoke in a Can and an extra large pot of glitter would create a fabulously unstoppable mobile party! It’s especially important to be prepared now that we’ve moved into summer when parties materialize at a moments notice. That’s why I’m putting together my portable party kit right away because I don’t want to be caught off guard when a disco emergency happens and, trust me Soldiers, it will.

Redo My Shoe… PLEASE!

I am sick with the illness of burning desire to possess every one of these custom sparkle-ized shoes from Redo My Shoe.  Have you ever seen anything so fabulous in your life as these Laboutin heels covered in thousands of Swarovski crystals?  The ultra-highest of Sparkle Army honors goes out to Joseph and his dazzling creations which can be ordered through his store on Etsy and while your at it- send a pair to Da General.. yah?