I Can Has Glitter Nails

Cats are pretty cute already, but there’s one thing that can make them even more cute and that’s press-on nails.  Soft Paws has been making these gel caps for a while, but I never thought about getting them until now because they finally made them in GLITTER! I can’t wait for the fabulosity when both me and my kitties are wearing matching sparkle nails! And hey…don’t worry dog people, they also make them for your furry friends too.  What a wonderful world we live in!

These photos are from their website site and even though they’re not modeling the glitter version, these cats are SERVING!

Twinkle Horse Glitter

How fabulous is this company, Twinkle?  They have created a whole line of products solely to glitterize horses and though I’ve never wanted one before, now I do.  Just thinking about decorating my pretty horsie with products like the Rainbow Dust body spray, the Stencil Kits to add some dazzling stars and then topping it off with Twinkle Toes glitter paint on her hooves gets me beyond excited!

I bet Bianca Jagger wishes this stuff was around back when she made her legendary birthday party entrance at Studio 54!

Light Up Ceiling?

As you all know, I just can’t stop talking about Light Up Dance Floors, but something I never considered before has come to my attention: Light Up Ceilings! There are so many versions out there, but this one looks like some sort of tunnel that encapsulates you like a spaceship gone wrong-  I must have it.  I want to walk through it, dance through it.. possibly vogue through it!  In fact, I want both the Light Up Dance Floor and the Light Up Ceiling and I want anything else that lights up too because it’s now 2011 and Even More is More!

Halloween Drink Sparkles

It turns out the Soldiers of the Sparkle Army aren’t the only ones who love to drink Sparkly Cocktails! Regular ol’ normal people like to “add dazzle” to their drinks too except, apparently only once a year. Big mistake Wilton Company- these fabulous Halloween Drink Sparkles should be made available all year round. In fact, I think they should sponsor our next Join the Sparkle Army party and by sponsor, I mean help us pay for a “light-up” dancefloor!

Space Age Naughty Bits

This is the most impressive use of spare time I have ever encountered.  Not only does this person have time to write a blog, but they also have time to create fabulous works of art expressing female power with what else… LAZERS!  Colorful lights shooting out of lady parts is surely something I haven’t seen before but now that I have, where can I get some of these SPACE AGE NAUGHTY BITS? I can’t possibly go another day with my boring fleshy Neeners- I want LAZERTITS!

Wait.. make that LAZERTITS that shoot SPARKLES!!!

To see more check out http://www.lazertits.com!