Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: Wate-On

This 1978 ad shows a hot sexy couple decked out for a night of Italo in their SPACE SLUTTY BEST and it’s all thanks to Wate-On!  It seems before taking this wonder product they were just “too skinny to have fun” and “it was really a drag”!  It’s hard to think about in 2010, but being “too thin” must have been just horrible back in the party-down 70’s!  Why else would the the scientists at Wate-On have worked so tirelessly to banish this plague of body issues from future generations?  They certainly accomplished their goals with a SPARKLING BRAVO!

For real tho’-  when was the last time you were asked “Do I look too skinny in these pants?”.


Today has TWO Sparkle Videos for the price of ONE!  The reason for this groundbreaking move is the artist himself, HAR MAR SUPERSTAR.  He’s not necessarily good, or even good looking, but has the DAZZLING BALLS balls to dress in spandex and gyrate around on stage and then- when you least expect it- drop into a split!  Watching him live is like seeing a man who loves karaoke so much that he cashed in his life savings to make records, go on tour and then terrorize people with his blindingly daring antics.

Har Mar Superstar truly has a special place in my heart because while everyone knows that there is nothing more refreshing than an ice cold TALLBOY, he had the good sense to write a song about it.  The first video below is the slick produced music video.  In this “hollywood” version, Mr. Superstar is dressed like an 80’s robot while lovely ladies get SPARKLE-IZED and Space Sluts have sexy GLITTER PILLOW FIGHTS!


This second video is him performing the song live wearing nothing but underwear and SPACE CUFFS! (get some!).  It’s like watching Ron Jeremy’s crazy twin brother on acid… J’ADORE!


Space Age Naughty Bits

This is the most impressive use of spare time I have ever encountered.  Not only does this person have time to write a blog, but they also have time to create fabulous works of art expressing female power with what else… LAZERS!  Colorful lights shooting out of lady parts is surely something I haven’t seen before but now that I have, where can I get some of these SPACE AGE NAUGHTY BITS? I can’t possibly go another day with my boring fleshy Neeners- I want LAZERTITS!

Wait.. make that LAZERTITS that shoot SPARKLES!!!

To see more check out!

Captain JK & Dr. Sparkles

What better way to start the week than by paying tribute to the soldiers that make the Sparkle Army proud. Pictured here is the amazing duo of Captain JK and Dr. Sparkles- inseparable friends who joined the SA back in March 2009. They have truly embraced the Word of Glitter and work tirelessly to promote living life to the fullest. For this, we honor them today with a grand SPARKLE ARMY SALUTE!

Dr. Sparkles: How cool is it that we have our own actual REAL Doctor to look after us?  For even I, Da General, have cut myself on the sharp edge of a sequin during a long night of dancing. Having the shimmering Doctor and her bottomless supply of happiness around always makes me feel better at parties!

Captain JK: What can you say about someone who starts making his SPARKLE OUTFIT weeks in advance with thousands of gems and mirror tiles plus incorporates both the Sparkle Army and Monster Ronson’s logos into his design?  SPARKLE dam OCD is the only thing I can think of- in the most fabulous way of course!  The only downside is The Captain is also very enthusiastic about vodka- which caused him to leave the party early in blackout mode, run to the bridge and produce the most dazzling TECNHICOLOR YAWN ever seen by man!

Ahhh devotion, thy name is sweet.

Captain JK & Dr. Sparkles (photo by iheartberlin)


Today’s Sparkle Video is a celebration of all things right in the world:  The legendary Toilet Boys reformed, live and SPARKLING! The show took place last Monday night at Le Poisson Rouge, where the AC must have been broken-because it was hot, hot, HOT!  Maybe it was the heat emanating from the band, who’s devoted fans endured the high temps and rocked out in proper NYC style?  All I know is they did not disappoint, and that includes new member Shane who has filled Rik Rocket’s combat boots fabulously!

Enough biz talk- let’s discuss Sparkle Fashion.  HOLLA MISS GUY!  Not one, but TWO DAZZLING OUTFITS and added bonus of the night, drummer Eddie making a statement in a BEDAZZLED TANK! Be still my heart!  The only thing missing that night was Sean’s show stopping “fire trick”, but that place would have gone up in flames in an instant!  Still- I can’t think of a better way to go.


Sparkle Tanks: APPROVED!

Every day we’re bombarded with more bad news by the media and quite frankly, I think these “Debbie Downers” should get out of the news industry altogether.  Didn’t they have friends growing up?  Why can’t they report on something we’re gagging to know about- like these FAB Sparkle Tanks at Express!  Now, Da General does not officially endorse brands, however, Express does get recognition for staying strong on Sparkle Wear for at least 3 years now.  Whenever I feel like I need a new bit of DAZZLE in my wardrobe, I pop in to have a look and there is always something to make my eyes gleam- whether it’s a t-shirt smothered in sequins or a rhinestone encrusted jacket.

With all the outdoor parties happening this summer- you NEED Sparkle Tanks because when the sun goes down and the lasers come out- you’ll want to be the Superstar.  Another reason- they are APPROVED!


This Sparkle Video Day is ultra special because it’s being posted from our very own blog! I must confess I’m still learning how the “blog scene” works- but I didn’t want to waste any precious time we could be SPARKLING TOGETHER over a silly thing like computer technology… am I right?

Today’s video- one word: KABLAM!  I don’t know what this director is ON, but give me some please!  A magical lady warrior flying around shooting lasers from her eyes while she brings to life SPACED OUT SPARKLE SLUTS who robot dance?  Da General’s in love!  This is pure DAZZLE OVERLOAD at its best and on a fashion note- check out the guy in the silver wearing SPACE CUFFS!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- GET SOME!

Now, I don’t know who Tommy Sparks is, and I sure as hell don’t know why he doesn’t call himself Tommy Sparkles (are you listening Tommy?), but he is IN, IN, IN The Sparkle Army!


Hello World!

“Hello World!”  Yes, this is the generic post title supplied when you first start a blog, and instead of deleting it,  I thought it quite approriate for the maiden voyage of Join The Sparkle Army!   Having my very own platform to cater to my whims, fancies and obsessions has been a goal for some time, but so many things kept getting in the way (parties, dancing, dancing and parties!).  While it does take Da General a little longer sometimes- the results are always smashing- don’t you agree?   I promise that this blog will be devoted to only the most DAZZLING and SPARKLE-WORTHY topics.  Best of all, you will no longer have to be on myspace or facebook to get your Friday Sparkle Video OR information on any upcoming events (a.k.a parties we are having!).  So my Soldiers, I devote this blog to all of you- for without you,  the Sparkle Army could not exist- so SPARKLE PROUD and remember: MORE IS MORE!