Today’s Sparkle Video is a celebration of all things right in the world:  The legendary Toilet Boys reformed, live and SPARKLING! The show took place last Monday night at Le Poisson Rouge, where the AC must have been broken-because it was hot, hot, HOT!  Maybe it was the heat emanating from the band, who’s devoted fans endured the high temps and rocked out in proper NYC style?  All I know is they did not disappoint, and that includes new member Shane who has filled Rik Rocket’s combat boots fabulously!

Enough biz talk- let’s discuss Sparkle Fashion.  HOLLA MISS GUY!  Not one, but TWO DAZZLING OUTFITS and added bonus of the night, drummer Eddie making a statement in a BEDAZZLED TANK! Be still my heart!  The only thing missing that night was Sean’s show stopping “fire trick”, but that place would have gone up in flames in an instant!  Still- I can’t think of a better way to go.


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