What better way to start the week than by paying tribute to the soldiers that make the Sparkle Army proud. Pictured here is the amazing duo of Captain JK and Dr. Sparkles- inseparable friends who joined the SA back in March 2009. They have truly embraced the Word of Glitter and work tirelessly to promote living life to the fullest. For this, we honor them today with a grand SPARKLE ARMY SALUTE!

Dr. Sparkles: How cool is it that we have our own actual REAL Doctor to look after us?  For even I, Da General, have cut myself on the sharp edge of a sequin during a long night of dancing. Having the shimmering Doctor and her bottomless supply of happiness around always makes me feel better at parties!

Captain JK: What can you say about someone who starts making his SPARKLE OUTFIT weeks in advance with thousands of gems and mirror tiles plus incorporates both the Sparkle Army and Monster Ronson’s logos into his design?  SPARKLE dam OCD is the only thing I can think of- in the most fabulous way of course!  The only downside is The Captain is also very enthusiastic about vodka- which caused him to leave the party early in blackout mode, run to the bridge and produce the most dazzling TECNHICOLOR YAWN ever seen by man!

Ahhh devotion, thy name is sweet.

Captain JK & Dr. Sparkles (photo by iheartberlin)

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