There’s no better way to celebrate the reformation of the Army of Lovers than by making them today’s Sparkle Video.  This clip is especially hypnotic as it’s a remix of the epic  “Crucified” with dazzling Sound Factory Flava”.   I’m into it Soldiers!  They look just as fabulous as ever, especially Jeane-Pierre and his flowing locks – but it’s always been about him anyway, hasn’t it?  They’ve made some appearances in 2013 and I truly hope they are planning a world tour soon as I would like to meet with them and discuss the idea of joining forces to become the Sparkle Army of Lovers.  While their mission may seem slightly different than ours, “fighting hatred and intolerance everywhere until everybody on the planet can have sex with everybody else all of the time”, it’s really not.  If you add “sparkling from head to toe while dancing under disco balls and laser beams”,  it would be one glitteringly huge  show-stopping force.

Fashion Preview 1980’s

You are looking at one of the most amazing things ever.   The “Fashion Preview 1980’s” you see above is from an issue of US magazine dated January 8,1980 and features an interview with our hero, designer Larry LeGaspi, pictured here flanked with models wearing his glorious space-age creations.  I’m gagging about discovering that he also made wedding gowns and I imagine that any bride wearing a LeGaspi down the aisle was the most gorgeously galactic woman on the planet.   I also love that he “called it” back in then, saying that the children of that time would someday be living in outer space– and as we know, it’s not that far away Soldiers!

A big glittering “thank you'” goes out to Jane, a very special Sparkle Soldier, who knew that this would be a dazzling addition to my archives- THANK YOU SO MUCH JANE!
This should also serve as a reminder of how important it is for the Sparkle Army to look out for one another.  And by “look out for one another”,  I mean that any information, photos or other material having to do with Larry LeGaspi (especially any of his priceless vintage creations!) be sent my way immediately.

Join the Sparkle Army: NOVEMBER 10, 2012!

It’s that time again Soldiers!  In one month I’ll be packing up my sequins, getting on a jet plane and heading straight to Berlin for my favorite night of the year…

Join The Sparkle Army on November 10, 2012 at Monster Ronson’s in fabulous Friedrichshain!

You are all cordially invited to pledge your devotion to the Word of Glitter along with me, Da General, and the dashing Master of Ceremonies, Monster Ronson himself.  Together we’ll be hosting another night of dazzling on the dance floor under disco balls and laser beams and it’s sure to be an extra sparkling night!  The evening kicks off with Berlin’s own Juan of a Kind who’s sure to put you in a party state of mind and special guest and dancing sensation,Jackee Word, is going to show us all how to get down tonight!   A LIVE performance from the The Supermen Lovers is going to blow your mind!  They’re taking their private spaceship all the way the way from Galaxy Francais (that’s France!) just to make you shake your booty so hard, it just might fall off.  But don’t let it- because you’re gonna need it for when DJ Massimiliano Pagliara takes over the decks and spins you into a dancing vortex with an ultra galactic disco set!  All of the most dazzling things in one place, for just one night…  and it’s going to be LEGENDARY!

Oh and did I mention that you should wear sparkles?  Not only because it’s approved, but because we’ll also be giving one lucky soldier a 50 Euro bar tab prize for being the sparkliest spaced out sparkle slut in the joint.  Plus, those who glitter get in free before midnight so be sure to sparkle up so you can party down…  with all of us!

It all happens on that magical date 10-11-12 at 23 Uhr …..  That’s November 10, 2012 at 11pm for my fellow non- europeans!

@ Monster Ronsons
Warschauerstrasse 34

I can’t wait to see you!







Today’s Sparkle Video is quite different than what is usually featured, but it serves as a reminder that you’re never too young to join the Sparkle Army.  The Purple Marshmellow Puppies Rock band’s adorable song is called “Sparkle Town” and it’s a fabulous place where kittens run freely, cows wear crowns and best of all, “no one’s sad and no one’s mad”.  Sounds like my kind of place, but I think the lyrics should be updated to include disco balls and laser beams.


Join The Sparkle Army: November 19, 2011



Mark your calendars and Join The Sparkle Army on November 19, 2011 at Monster Ronson’s in Berlin for another night of dancing and fabulosity under disco balls and laser beams!

Get out your sparkling best outfit to experience a dazzling live performance by Berlin’s own ITALOPORNO, an electro-disco-funk collective who’s motto is “Glitter! Soul! Sex! Love!”– how perfectly perfect!   Cosmic artist Sare Havlicek is beaming up all the way from Slovenia for a special DJ Set, his first ever in Berlin and we are so excited to spin in his orbit of galactic disco sounds!  WARNING: Be prepared for close encounters of the alien kind when Berlin’s own man of mystery and intrigue, The Shredder, steps in on the decks to make sure you keep dancing until it’s safe to come out… or your outfit comes off!

The night will also feature a “Tribute to Space Cuffs” , a contest honoring the most beloved disco fashion accessory of Spaced Out Sparkle Soldiers everywhere!   Wear your most special wrist creations and you might win a bar tab prize.  I’ve said before and I’ll say it again- SPACE CUFFS: get some!
Also returning by popular demand, an all new and improved Laser Background to capture your most sparkling moments!

Special guest SNAX will also be on board to get you in the dancing mood and everyone’s favorite space cadet, Monster Ronson, will be manning Station Control.  Of course, I’ll be there to share my glitter, my dance moves and my love for all my Sparkle Soldiers on our night together where we celebrate More is More!

(oh..and did I mention to wear sparkles because entrance is free before midnight for those who glitter!)

See you there.. and that’s an order!

Going Global

It really does my shimmering heart good to see the Sparkle Army represented all over the world.  Just look at this fabulous sand graffiti moment at Agios Stefanos beach in Mykonos.  Even though he was on vacation, Captain JK  still managed to honor his duties to help spread the “Word of Glitter” to all humanity.  That’s what I call dedication Soldiers!

Speaking of dedication, the time has some for us to once again dazzle on the dance floor under disco balls and laser beams ….  and drink sparkley cocktails of course!  That’s right- another fabulous Join The Sparkle Army party is taking place in November.   Official announcement is coming Monday so be sure and check back!



Rebi Sparkles

It’s time again to pay tribute to the Soldiers that make the Sparkle Army proud and right now, it’s all about First Lieutnent Rebi Sparkles. She is one of the most important people in the SA and without her, our parties could never be so fabulous because she’s the Master of Sound, Lights, Smoke and Lasers. No matter what outlandish demands Da General makes or however difficult those tasks might be, she gets it all done and then adds MORE.  She truly can make anything happen, but what’s even more important is that she’s dazzlingly fun to hang out with!

Because no party is complete without her, there’s nothing she can’t do and she happily glues mirror tiles to her body for the cause, please join me in honoring Rebi Sparkles today with a heavily glittered SPARKLE ARMY SALUTE!

Happy Anniversary Soldiers!

Exactly one year ago today, this blog was launched to celebrate all things fabulous, spread the Word of Glitter to all humanity and also to indulge my glittering narcissism and need to reach out to others like myself.  This charming invention called “blogging” has given me the proof positive of what I’ve always known- that there are more of us than them. That’s right Soldiers, you are strong in numbers and you come from all over the universe. You love dazzling on the dance floor, drinking sparkly cocktails and glimmering under disco balls and laser beams while dripping in sequins. You also Google a lot of interesting things to get here and since today is the first anniversary of Join the Sparkle Army, I thought it would be gobs of fun to share some of them with you:

  • “drink sparkles”
  • “ridiculous cocktails”
  • “sparkly eye makeup”
  • “sparkle catsuits”
  • “history of disco fashion”
  • “disco fashion for men”
  • “bedazzled army outfit”
  • “sassy sparkle fashion”
  • “double dazzle dance”
  • “disco smoke in a can”
  • “instruments in disco heaven”
  • “disco ball superhero”
  • “disco colouring book” (HOLLA!)
  • “space cuffs” (HOLLA AGAIN!)
  • “how to make space cuffs” (THREE TIMES!)
  • “sparkle soldiers” (THASIT!)
  • “awesome sexy sparkly party outfit”
  • “futuristic fashion party”
  • “german sparkle party”
  • “glitter outfits”
  • “glitter microphones”
  • “how much is a glitter microphone”
  • “glitter on my moose knuckle”
  • “space sluts”
  • “sluts in space”
  • “disco slut clips”
  • “space sluts porn”
  • “spandex writhing”
  • “disco porn”
  • “sparkling bathroom porn”
  • “rock n’ roll sluts music video”
  • “musikladen tits out”
  • “susanne somers naked”
  • “italo sluts”
  • “old bound sluts in high heels”
  • and last but not least, my personal favorite: “who is Marisa Sparkles?”   KABLAM!

    Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: Space Disco Coloring Books

    Okay, you got me- this really isn’t from back in the day!  It’s the Join The Sparkle Army Coloring Activity Book, a fabulous collector’s item from one of our parties back in August 2009.  It all started when Ronson and I decided to make jumbo coloring walls for the party and I was searching tirelessly, Googling “space disco coloring book” day and night to no avail.  I was so shocked and saddened to find out that no one had ever thought to make something like this.  I thought, “how on earth did parents expect their children to learn about all of the important stuff in life like disco balls, sparkly cocktails and Spaced-Out Sparkle Outfits?”.  It was then that I decided to create my own images for the party and they turned out so fantastic, Ronson suggested we print up a souvenir book for our Sparkle Soldiers to take home.  Yes, thanks to us, some lucky children out there now have a coloring book filled with funny drunk robots partying on the dancefloor mixed with vintage illustrations of futuristic fashion from designers like Kenzo, France Andrevie, and the king himself- Larry LeGaspi.  (Your welcome parents!)

    This glorious souvenir from our legendary party is long out of print, but if you’re gagging to have one, there may still be a copy or two available in the archives at Monster Ronson’s.  However, if you’re lucky enough to already own a copy, definitely hang on to it because word on the street is that someday, it may be worth a bajillion dollars!

    Thank You Berlin!

    Join the Sparkle Army last Saturday in Berlin was spectacular! With nothing more than art supplies, a staple gun and gallons of glitter- Monster Ronson’s was transformed into an intergalactic spaceship filled with the most beautiful Spaced Out Sparkle Soldiers the universe has ever seen! Also, mandatory effects like multi-colored laser beams, overloaded disco balls and gobs of smoke were dazzlingly successful in their mission! (sorry about the tickets from the fire department Ronson.. we’re still cool, right?).

    I truly had an amazing time doing my favorite things: dancing chatting partying, and now I MUST thank all the people who made my dreams come true:

    Monster Ronson- the man, the myth, the legend. Without him, this party could not happen… at all. You are a true friend for many reasons, but especially for putting up with the moods and demands of an aging diva!

    Rebi- genius of lighting and sound, master of the staple gun and hundreds of other things- your contribution to this party is BEYOND just a thank you!

    Soldiers Daniel & Mika – for awesome Sparkle deco and being the Special Sparkle Effects Master!

    Denise Redder– event photographer and Laser Portrait Specialist!

    Kate Ehrhardt – for super Spaced Out Projections!

    Sadie-the makeup lady for Sparkling the Soldiers up proper!

    the Zentai Experience- for a Super Spaced Out Performance and being gorgeous freaks of nature!

    DJ’s Andre, Spacelex and Emil Doesn’t Drive for amazing sets and making a Sparkle Queen dance all night!

    Lendless- for sharing their very first live performance of shimmering disco jazz with the Sparkle Army!

    Den Haan- for coming all the way from Glasgow Earth and rocking Ronson’s into an unspeakable orbit!

    and to all of Monster Ronsons staff that work so hard to keep the cocktails and everything else about the party going!

    and to Sparkle Soldiers everywhere… THANK YOU- THANK YOU- THANK YOU!