Join the Sparkle Army last Saturday in Berlin was spectacular! With nothing more than art supplies, a staple gun and gallons of glitter- Monster Ronson’s was transformed into an intergalactic spaceship filled with the most beautiful Spaced Out Sparkle Soldiers the universe has ever seen! Also, mandatory effects like multi-colored laser beams, overloaded disco balls and gobs of smoke were dazzlingly successful in their mission! (sorry about the tickets from the fire department Ronson.. we’re still cool, right?).

I truly had an amazing time doing my favorite things: dancing chatting partying, and now I MUST thank all the people who made my dreams come true:

Monster Ronson- the man, the myth, the legend. Without him, this party could not happen… at all. You are a true friend for many reasons, but especially for putting up with the moods and demands of an aging diva!

Rebi- genius of lighting and sound, master of the staple gun and hundreds of other things- your contribution to this party is BEYOND just a thank you!

Soldiers Daniel & Mika – for awesome Sparkle deco and being the Special Sparkle Effects Master!

Denise Redder– event photographer and Laser Portrait Specialist!

Kate Ehrhardt – for super Spaced Out Projections!

Sadie-the makeup lady for Sparkling the Soldiers up proper!

the Zentai Experience- for a Super Spaced Out Performance and being gorgeous freaks of nature!

DJ’s Andre, Spacelex and Emil Doesn’t Drive for amazing sets and making a Sparkle Queen dance all night!

Lendless- for sharing their very first live performance of shimmering disco jazz with the Sparkle Army!

Den Haan- for coming all the way from Glasgow Earth and rocking Ronson’s into an unspeakable orbit!

and to all of Monster Ronsons staff that work so hard to keep the cocktails and everything else about the party going!

and to Sparkle Soldiers everywhere… THANK YOU- THANK YOU- THANK YOU!


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