This is definitely one of the most interesting Sparkle Videos yet because it’s based on a dazzling concept not seen anywhere before (plus, I am still on my road trip across America so thought it was rather perfect!). Could Lakeside’s Voyage be anything but Fantastic in this party-down ship with filled with members in sparkle-pirate chic? I think not Soldiers… I think not.


Spandex Eyeliner

You already know how much I adore the “multi-sparkle” so you can imagine my delight with Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in “Spandex”.  Not only does this product have the most fabulous name, but it also allows for endless possibilities in sparkle eye fashion because while it may look dark in the tube, what’s really going on is every color glitter in the universe suspended in a clear base so you can lay it over anything you like.  In the photo, I used it over Urban Decay’s 24/7 Pencil in “Lust” (my favorite), but next, I’m going to try it over black to create a “galactic-explosion” cat eye!  I use the brush to pat it on in layers to completely cover the pencil for maximum sparkle ’cause that’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it!



Wow! Being up in the mountains and dealing with high altitudes almost made me forget what day it is but honestly, that could never really happen Soldiers! Especially because there’s just one word for today’s Sparkle Video and that is: irresistable. Shalamar’s song “Second Time Around” is almost a little too sweet, but with it’s silky danceable groove it’s hard not to fall hopelessly in love with him.. I mean it.  Now let’s talk outfits. HOLLA mirror- tile rhinestone combo!  There are so many magical flashes jumping out at us thanks to this dazzling choice and those glorious star filters that one could almost go blind.  “More is More ” is definitely in place, but just to really drive it home they added glitterized hair – a move that always screams BRAVO!

The Stud


Recently, I had the pleasure of watching “The Stud”, a disco-tastic film released in 1978 which stars Joan Collins as a married, wealthy and bitchy woman who enjoys fabulous clothes, dancing at the disco and sex, sex and more sex.  The other main character in this marvelous time capsule is Tony, who runs her nightclub and also is her lover, but at the same time sleeps with pretty much everyone (ahhh the 70’s!). It would be hard not to enjoy a movie set up on this alluring premise, but what’s even more exciting is the music starting right from the opening sequence with a dazzling orchestrated theme song by the Biddu Orchestra.  Some other classics on the soundtrack are “Native New Yorker”, “Let’s Go Disco”, “That’s The Way I Like It” and the overly fabulous  “Cocomotion”.  It also looks like we’re not the only ones who like both kinds of music, rock n’ roll and disco, as hits like “Love Is The Drug” and “Love is Like Oxygen” are also included.  I guess great minds really do think alike!


When you love both kinds of music, rock n’ roll and disco, there was no greater time to be alive than the late 70’s when the most glorious thing happened- “the crossover”.  Many rock artists including Blondie, The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Ian Dury & The Blockheads and KISS all released tracks with a disco beat and made it their own, which brings me to today’s Sparkle Video.  In the 1999 movie “Detroit Rock City” set in 1978, the main character in the film is a devoted member of the KISS Army and proudly declares his hatred of disco and also states that “one thing we know for sure is that KISS will never make a disco record”, which of course is hilarious because boy did they ever!  “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” went Platinum in 1979 and also gave fabulous opportunity for Paul, Ace, Peter and Gene to show off their bedazzled space monster gear.

Purple Glitter Toilet Seat: APPROVED!

Just when I think I’ve sparkle*ized everything in my life, something new and exciting is brought to my attention.  I actually never thought about this particular detail before because I don’t like to address such unglamorous topics, but now that I’ve seen this Purple Glitter Toilet Seat, I can’t go on without it.  The thought of turning my most private moments into a dazzling good time is truly intoxicating and once I get my custom version with the SA logo under the lid – KABLAM!  All of my guests will get the most fabulous thrill because it’s purple, it sparkles and it’s APPROVED!

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I have a confession to make and it’s that I’m fascinated by tribute bands and my goal for the future is to see as many as possible so I can critque them against their subject.  However, because of my new hobby,  I’ve engaged in many colorful beer infused debates over what makes one a tribute band instead of merely a cover band.  The golden rule is:  in order to qualify as a tribute band you have to deliver THE FULL SHOW- as in everything.  To further illustrate my point and give a superb example of exactly how this art form should be done is two Sparkle Videos, both performances of “Galactica”.

In the first video from 1980, The Rockets deliver a dazzling stage show that begins with a fabulous entrance from the singer who, laser in hand while he exits his space-pod, marches robot syle onto a stage filled with gobs of smoke and laser beams.

The second video is from The Universal Band with their show and doing steller job if you ask me.  Costumes, makeup, attitude and effects are all in place and the singer has truly captured the vocal inflections of his idol.  The only thing that’s really missing is the pod entrance and his silver cape, but really- who would notice?  Besides, I’m sure they’re working on adding these details to their show, but even still, they get a “Tribute Band A++”.

In the House

This track is on FA-FA-Fire!!!  I was truly having a sluggish morning until I put on “In The House” and now I’m on top of the world.  It’s all because Dimitri from Paris serves the most glamorous sex-tastic version of the Chaka Khan’s “Any Love” that I’m not sure whether to rip my clothes off or keep getting dressed and go to work.  Alas, Sparkle Outfits don’t pay for themselves so off I go, but with a much bigger smile on my face.