The Disco Exorcist

It’s finally Halloween– the absolute best holiday of the year and people have been dressing up and partying for days here in NYC and tonight should be even more spectacular!  Not only will all of the sparkling revelers be out on the town, but ghosts and goblins will also be dancing in the streets and if they’re feeling cheeky enough, give us a dazzling fright or two.   To help get everyone in just the right spirit ( a bit of blood sprinkled with lots of camp! ),  is this trailer for the film, The Disco Exorcist.   I truly never stop being amazed at how adding the word “disco” to anything just makes it so much better and using disco balls as “weapon of death” is something I’ve definitely not encountered before.   Soldiers, I believe in all my heart that discos should always be a  happy place where everyone is welcome to get down on the dance floor under disco balls and laser beams, without fear of a possessed person making their heads explode.  However,  I do find this premise quite entertaining,  especially on All Hallows Eve.

WARNING SOLDIERS: this clip is labeled NSFW and it is!  Please watch at your own discretion!

THE DISCO EXORCIST – RED BAND TRAILER (NSFW) from Wild Eye Releasing on Vimeo.


Today’s Sparkle Video is one of my all-time favorite songs and this clip of Raw Silk performing in the height of 80’s disco fashion is truly a rare sparkling diamond!  I also chose this because we are fast approaching the most fabulous holiday of the year when everyone casts aside their inhibitions (those who have some anyway) and dazzles from head to toe with reckless abandon. However, to be honest, I can’t be sure this was a Top of The Pops Halloween special, or “fancy-dress party as the Brits like to call it,  because it was 1982 and seeing a dance floor filled with supercharged freak-a-zoids was normal back then.   Longing for a time machine anyone?



Today’s Sparkle Video is a gem beyond sparkling gems, featuring the gorgeous Asha Puthli who’s making an appearance on Stryx (that other-worldly, space-tastic Italian television show from the 70’s).  She’s a magical vision to behold as she slinks into view wearing head-to-toe metallic gold.  Making it even more fabulous is the sultry disco beat of “Mister Moonlight” which dramatizes her flowing wings adorned by glorious space cuffs.  Yes Soldiers, what you are seeing is bonafide LeGaspi couture complete with his trademark trapunto quilting! The combination of her flawless beauty and his dazzling outfit design makes this video so dazzling, it’s- as they say- “everything“.



Marc Almond is a my hero in more ways than one.  First- he’s got the voice of an angel from heaven, Second- a never ending closet of glittering sparkle outfits and now he proves once again why he’s the “King of Fabulous.”  In today’s Sparkle Video, “Glorious”,  he’s saying, “Bite me, Aging. I’ll just bedazzle my whole face”  And it works Soldiers.  It works!  What better way to take hold of the inevitable than to cover it with Swarovskis?  I really don’t care how old Marc Almond gets, because he’s forever beautiful to me.  However, RESPECT for sharing this dazzling new tactic.




Today’s Sparkle Video takes “dancing-school-fabulous” to the ultimate level.  Here we have the sultry Legs & Co., of Top of The Pops fame, showing off my favorite look while moving and grooving to Chic‘s classic, “Dance, Dance, Dance”.   I love these costumes because not only do they make use of the glorious mutli-sparkle sequin effect, but each one has their own color-way,  just like the Osmonds ( if they were girls! ).  Plus, the added bonus of flouncy feather tails mimicking Vegas showgirls truly brings their dazzle to the most glittering heights of fabulous!  There aren’t not too many jobs that I’d trade being Da General for Soldiers, but this is definitely one of them.