Sibling groups were extremely popular in the 70’s and 80’s and today’s Sparkle Video features the adorable DeFranco Family starring super cutie Tony on lead vocals.  This teen heart throb along with his brothers and sisters are wearing outfits I’m pretty sure were made by Mom.  I must say that I applaud her genius idea of using sparkling animal appliques and then adding more extra bedazzled gems- fabulous touch!  Here they’re movin’ and groovin’ on colorful pinball looking stage singing their biggest hit ever, “Heartbeat”.  It sure is a love beat and still catchy as ever!


What could be more disco that today’s Sparkle video featuring Patsy Gallant in a shimmering metallic gold outfit, rocking a supreme flip “do” and singing sweetly about her “Sugar Daddy”?’   In fact, I think if you Google “disco”, this clip is what sprouts up as the official definition- especially at 2:00.  That’s when the lusciousness really kicks as the backup dancers, both male and female, enter the stage and it goes disco light crazy!  Now I don’t speak French, but it was 1977, so I’m guessing it’s something like, “‘Oh Sugar Daddy, enough furs, enough diamonds!  Please, truly all I want is to dazzle on the dance floor with you tonight- and lots, lots of champagne… and you’ll pay for it all, my darling lover!”.  Something like that.

Happy Birthday Charo!

Today the Sparkle Army wishes a dazzling Happy Birthday to one of my all time heroes- Charo!  Not only is she a sexy bombshell with big hair and curves to die for, but she’s charming, lovable and funny too.  Her famous “Cuchi Cuchi” career has spanned over 40 years making appearances on all the TV shoes that ever mattered including the Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, the Tonight Show and most recently, RuPaul’s Drag Race.  This Spanish songstress is equally known and celebrated for her guitar playing talents and I’m sure this will come as no shock to you Soldiers, but her hits “Dance A Little Bit Closer” and “You’re Just The Right Size” are in heavy rotation at Da General’s living room disco.  With an endless supply of sparkle outfits and a big heart of gold that fights for the rights of animals, Charo will always be a hero and today we honor her with a grand Sparkle Army Birthday Salute!


For today’s Sparkle Video I have selected my true love, Boy George, singing the haunting “Out of Fashion”.  This song always gives me chills because being the Dazzler I am, the thought of one’s moment, anyone’s moment, being “over” is just too much to bear.  However, looking at The Boy in all his majesty with his body swaying like the legend he is, heals me instantly.  Dressed to the nines (holla bedazzled pants!) and topped with his trademark hat- he’s also wearing the absolute best sparkle makeup Da General has  ever seen!  His asymmetrical mask jam packed with green and gold glitter and accented by dramatic false lashes and gem encrusted eyeliner has me writhing between emotions of admirational gagging and pure seething jealousy (which, by the way, is how I decide if something is fabulous).  He really is the only person in the world that can say things like “you’re a living tragedy” and “you wore me out” and make it sound so beautiful.


Happy New Year Soldiers!  It’s the very first Sparkle Video of 2013 and to celebrate I’ve selected this pizazz filled live footage of Boney M. in concert.  While I love each and every Boney M video out there, this is extra special because instead of the standard TV appearance with prerecorded music, here we get to see them in their full force of FAB-U-LOUS!  Bobby in his glorious cape and the ladies in their sparkling best are backed by an equally dazzling band of musicians.  Seeing them perform all together on this stage has truly brought my love for them to a whole ‘nother level!  This concert is beyond magical and it includes many of the classics such as “Love for Sale”, “Take The Heat Off Me” and the blockbuster smash hit “Daddy Cool”.  We also get to hear some spoken banter to the Viennese audience so it’s in German, which makes it extra hot.  Please can someone just make a time machine already ‘cuz I need to be at this concert right now, up front, dancing my sparkles off pronto!