For today’s Sparkle Video I have selected my true love, Boy George, singing the haunting “Out of Fashion”.  This song always gives me chills because being the Dazzler I am, the thought of one’s moment, anyone’s moment, being “over” is just too much to bear.  However, looking at The Boy in all his majesty with his body swaying like the legend he is, heals me instantly.  Dressed to the nines (holla bedazzled pants!) and topped with his trademark hat- he’s also wearing the absolute best sparkle makeup Da General has  ever seen!  His asymmetrical mask jam packed with green and gold glitter and accented by dramatic false lashes and gem encrusted eyeliner has me writhing between emotions of admirational gagging and pure seething jealousy (which, by the way, is how I decide if something is fabulous).  He really is the only person in the world that can say things like “you’re a living tragedy” and “you wore me out” and make it sound so beautiful.