What a slow start on the day that this “blizzard” has caused, but nothing that could keep me from posting today’s Sparkle Video because of one fabulous word: space.  Yes, this clip had me smitten right from the very beginning with its sparkling space vehicle flanked by two strumming spacemen who are playing a somewhat Spanish sounding song.  That is, until Miss Mistral shows up in her glam-tastic silver space suit and delightful glitter makeup and begins singing about a mystical and dreamy flight on “Starship 109.”  One can truly only hope that this is what space travel is going to be like- smooth sultry, sexy people all flying together into new frontiers.  Sounds a lot like the adventures coming our way in 2014, which reminds me Soldiers… Happy New Year!



For today’s Sparkle Video I have selected my true love, Boy George, singing the haunting “Out of Fashion”.  This song always gives me chills because being the Dazzler I am, the thought of one’s moment, anyone’s moment, being “over” is just too much to bear.  However, looking at The Boy in all his majesty with his body swaying like the legend he is, heals me instantly.  Dressed to the nines (holla bedazzled pants!) and topped with his trademark hat- he’s also wearing the absolute best sparkle makeup Da General has  ever seen!  His asymmetrical mask jam packed with green and gold glitter and accented by dramatic false lashes and gem encrusted eyeliner has me writhing between emotions of admirational gagging and pure seething jealousy (which, by the way, is how I decide if something is fabulous).  He really is the only person in the world that can say things like “you’re a living tragedy” and “you wore me out” and make it sound so beautiful.

Spandex Eyeliner

You already know how much I adore the “multi-sparkle” so you can imagine my delight with Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in “Spandex”.  Not only does this product have the most fabulous name, but it also allows for endless possibilities in sparkle eye fashion because while it may look dark in the tube, what’s really going on is every color glitter in the universe suspended in a clear base so you can lay it over anything you like.  In the photo, I used it over Urban Decay’s 24/7 Pencil in “Lust” (my favorite), but next, I’m going to try it over black to create a “galactic-explosion” cat eye!  I use the brush to pat it on in layers to completely cover the pencil for maximum sparkle ’cause that’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it!


Medusa’s Makeup

Inspired by my favorite pair of shoes (you know- the fabulously galactic emerald green and glitter pink lightening bolt ones), I decided to create a coordinating eyeshadow look because.. well, that’s what I do.  Most importantly, it gave me an opportunity to try out my new products from Medusa’s Makeup.  With so many vibrant and sparkling colors to choose from, they were the perfect choice to experiment with my “matchy matchy ” obsession.

First, I must say that the packaging gives me the “New Wave tingles” because I love a party made from zebra and multi-colored stripes plus, did you see that the makeup brush has a hot pink handle?  Excellent choice Medusa!  The pressed eyeshadows here are “Electric Kiwi”, a high pigment metallic green and “Xtinct”, a magenta in a soft shimmer texture with magical pink micro sparkles (I used this one wet to pump up the volume).  Also shown in these product photos is “Passion”, a hot pink shimmery Eye Dust which I didn’t use today, but definitely will next time along with some pink star sequins because after all.. More is More!

Front Cover Eye Kits

I was walking through my local drugstore, searching for something totally unrelated to sparkling (it happens) and KABLAM!  I was dazzled by these amazing kits by Front Cover, complete with everything you need for colorful, dramatic and glitterized eyes.  What’s even better is that whoever designed these lovely bundles of joy had the fabulous sense to put them in adorable cases decorated with photos of said sparkle eyes as well as other options with sequins.  My photos don’t do them justice (cameraphone), so do yourself a favor check out their website... it’s SPARKLE-TASTIC!

YSL Pure Chromatic Sparkle

Nom Noms!  That’s what I have to say about YSL’s Pure Chromatics eyeshadow quads.  They’re made to use wet or dry and I suppose you could use them dry if you’re the type that prefers a more subtle shimmer. However, wet is the only way to go for me because full-on sparkle is how I like to roll, but that’s no surprise- is it Soldiers?

Shown here is quad number 5 and it’s got all you need for the most dazzling smokey eye ever to be seen at the Disco!  I love the unexpected touch of pink mixed in with the gunmetal and black shades which keeps this look fresh and exciting.  Also, adding some black pencil is an excellent idea so your eyes maintain their intensity no matter how many flashing lights and laser beams you encounter on the dance floor and that’s Sparkle-tastic!

Holy Sparkle Eyes!

As you know, it’s my duty to keep up on all things fabulous and last night’s visit to Sephora did not disappoint as you can see from my disco-tastic “70’s meets 2011” look in the photos.  I’m wearing two of the products I scored and the first item is the Sephora Baked Eyeshadow Trio in “Dusk Til Dawn No. 4”. This lovely compact houses three of my favorite shades: dark plum, soft pink and luscious violet – all with varying shimmers and sparkles which can be also be used wet for more intensity.  By the way, top honors go out to the Sephora team for their constant effort to keep the Sparkle Army flag flying high and I’m always impressed with their devotion.  The second product in the photo, Illamasqua Eyeliner in “Alchemy”, is one of the most amazing glitter products I have ever seen.  The color is the brightest yellow gold and its gleaming sparkles are so dazzling, I’m sure it can be seen all the way from Uranus!

One night + two products = endless fabulosity!

NYX Glitter Cream Pallet

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve when we’ll finally say goodbye to tiresome 2010 and usher in “bringing back old-school partying 2011”.  You did get the memo, right?  Yes, this coming year is all about partying like it’s 2069, and while there are endless ways to add glitz and glamour to your evening, one of the easiest is to use NYX Glitter Cream Palletts (sure the correct word is “palette”, but that’s how it’s spelled on the packaging, and really- what do you want for $3.99? ). They come in an exciting range of colors and the cream is really an invisible base that’s jam packed with dazzling gems of glitter.  Shown in the photo is 07 Royal Violets, which has three fabulous shades of purple as well as gold and a silvery gunmetal. To see how much pizzaz they delivered, I skipped the applicator and just used my finger to pat some onto my lids. Tomorrow night, I’ll pump up the drama with eyeshadow and contour… KABLAM!

Mysterious Sparkle Forest

I’m calling it now- Mysterious Forest No 46!

Sephora’s dark green eyeshadow with gobs of blue and yellow sparkles is sick,sick, SICK!  I recently bought it during my SPARKLE SHOPPING SPREE and am completely smitten- tore it open the moment I got home, rimmed my eyes like an 80’s Joan Jett and went out to party!

It’s so “Bride of Frankenstein at the Disco”….   I’m in love!

Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: Disco Beauty

Because it’s Saturday and you are all headed out to the Disco tonight, here’s some inspiration for you! “Disco Beauty: Nighttime Makeup by Sandy Linter” was published in 1979 and features full color photos and instructions for high drama beauty for the Disco.  Sandy Linter is LEGENDARY in the fashion and makeup world and this book was her collaboration with other great artists including top hair stylists Harry King and John Sahag. I love to look at all the GLITTERING, SHIMMERING MODELS who were the most gorgeous icons of the era such as Patti Hansen, Esme and Gia!

Shooting this book must have been fun fun FUN and leads me to wonder- did they go to Studio 54 before or after each shoot day? Maybe both.. it was 1979 after all!