Warning Soldiers:  You are about to witness a Sparkle Video beyond anything you’ve witnessed before and which also serves as a reminder that there will only ever be one Godfather of Soul.  Here, James Brown and his band are performing “Payback” live and killing it so hard that a party of sparkling proportion is happening on that stage filled with rhinestones and shimmering capes.  It’s not just happening on the stage either- take a look at the Soul Train dancers.  They are totally feeling it and so am I, for even though it’s only 11:30am, I am dressed and ready to hit the disco (or at least an early happy hour)!

By the way, I’d also like to take time in this post to thank my childhood sitters who were not only sisters, but “Sisters” with fabulously big afros.  They played lots of James Brown for me and my brother while teaching us how to dance “The Bump” and then rewarded us with a trip to the candy store after.
Debbie & Tanya: you were the best- thanks for giving Da General some soul!

Medusa’s Makeup

Inspired by my favorite pair of shoes (you know- the fabulously galactic emerald green and glitter pink lightening bolt ones), I decided to create a coordinating eyeshadow look because.. well, that’s what I do.  Most importantly, it gave me an opportunity to try out my new products from Medusa’s Makeup.  With so many vibrant and sparkling colors to choose from, they were the perfect choice to experiment with my “matchy matchy ” obsession.

First, I must say that the packaging gives me the “New Wave tingles” because I love a party made from zebra and multi-colored stripes plus, did you see that the makeup brush has a hot pink handle?  Excellent choice Medusa!  The pressed eyeshadows here are “Electric Kiwi”, a high pigment metallic green and “Xtinct”, a magenta in a soft shimmer texture with magical pink micro sparkles (I used this one wet to pump up the volume).  Also shown in these product photos is “Passion”, a hot pink shimmery Eye Dust which I didn’t use today, but definitely will next time along with some pink star sequins because after all.. More is More!


Today’s Sparkle Video is for all of the Soldiers out there who are rough n’ tough during the day, but love some glitter at night.  This version of “Eye Of The Tiger” is from an Italian television show called Fantastico and is a dazzling display of manhood and sequins. For those of you that don’t speak Italian, I will translate:  Scantily clad men dressed in satin boxing outfits sparring, punching and jumping rope until… KABLAM! Sexy Heather Parisi coyly saunters on the stage in a skintight sparkling catsuit and completely takes over the gym with her feminine wiles.  Soon after, an array of powerful leaps, fearless pirouettes, valiant high kicks and macho posing compete for the leading lady’s attention until finally-  a “TKO” followed by a triumphantly sassy yet butch duet.  Now THAT’S Italian!

Rebi Sparkles

It’s time again to pay tribute to the Soldiers that make the Sparkle Army proud and right now, it’s all about First Lieutnent Rebi Sparkles. She is one of the most important people in the SA and without her, our parties could never be so fabulous because she’s the Master of Sound, Lights, Smoke and Lasers. No matter what outlandish demands Da General makes or however difficult those tasks might be, she gets it all done and then adds MORE.  She truly can make anything happen, but what’s even more important is that she’s dazzlingly fun to hang out with!

Because no party is complete without her, there’s nothing she can’t do and she happily glues mirror tiles to her body for the cause, please join me in honoring Rebi Sparkles today with a heavily glittered SPARKLE ARMY SALUTE!


Today is not the first time Marc Almond has been featured on Sparkle Video Day and it probably won’t be the last considering his angelic voice, perfectly coiffed hair and endless supply of sparkle tops.  However, “Tears Run Rings” is my absolute favorite and in this special live performance we get to see him command the stage in full twinkling splendor thanks to gobs of red sequins and that marvelous invention, the star filter.  Watching those light beams dance across him while he sings to the audience is pure magic which is further enhanced by his excellent choice of luminous glitterized skin.  Now on the flip side, as much as I love this song, it seems the person responsible for adding the lyrics to the video fell asleep on the keyboard resulting in complete nonsensical gibberish.  I’m not sure why no one else noticed this, but I hope it gets corrected soon with the only language that matters… Sparkle Speak!

Multi-Sparkle Nails

Everyone knows I favor the “dancing school fabulous” of multi-colored sparkles when it comes to my outfits, but did you know that also applies to my nails as well?  Seriously, why choose one color glitter to paint your nails when going with “the multi” is so much more exciting.  Two of my favorite products to achieve DSF or Multi-Sparkle Nails are found in the drugstore and so easy to apply that you can be ready to hit the disco at a moments notice.

Wet n’ Wild’s “Party of Five Glitters” says it all in the name: red, silver, green, purple, and blue sparkles floating together happily in shiny clear lacquer.  I like at least 4 or 5 coats for maximum sparkle, but don’t worry-  it’s a fast dry polish which means you won’t have to miss the open bar.  Sally Hansen’s Salon Effect Nail Polish Strips in “Frock Star” are equally dazzling, but take their “multi” a step further by adding orange and gold into that mix of colors so you can wear these no matter which color sequins dominate your outfit.  Now that’s what I call freedom!


Today’s Sparkle Video is so very special because it proudly displays our love for rock n’ roll by taking two hot blondes, covering them in glitter and rhinestones and setting them loose in the wonder world of Musikladen.  I’m not sure how Led Zeppelin felt about this version of “Whole Lotta Love”, and I’m not sure either, but who cares because it’s all about the outfits.  What hasn’t Blonde on Blonde incorporated here?  There’s sequin tube tops (yes), spandex pants (love), all visible flesh jam packed with glitter (fabulous) topped off with suit jackets bedazzled with sparkling stars and adorable blue guitars (j’adore).  Perhaps they should have called themselves More is More instead!

The Fabulous Sylvester

I recently received my copy of “The Fabulous Sylvester” and as expected, it’s a marvelously entertaining read chock full of not only glitter and sequins, but of fascinating stories from the many people who knew him.  It seems that from the very start of his life, Sylvester knew exactly who he was and had no time for those that didn’t accept him as is. Right now, I’m on the section about his time living in San Francisco and performing with The Cockettes, the infamous commune and performance group that loved to dress in drag and sing show tunes but pretty soon, I’ll be moving on to “Disco Superstar” territory!  Of course, the end of this story is no secret:  a beautiful bedazzled angel of song who was put on earth to bring light, love and fabulous entrances to the masses is taken from us too soon.  Just remember that we continue to pay homage to him each time we step on that light-up floor and dance like there’s no tomorrow so we must do it as much as possible.  I’m also hoping that  “Mighty Real”, the documentary about Sylvester, will be available in the very near future because this trailer has me gagging to see it!

Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie

Am I dreaming.. can someone pinch me? Or, have I died and gone to Space Disco Heaven?   My favorite superstar doll of all time, who already has hundreds of Mackies in her closet, is now stepping out in what appears to be a LeGaspi inspired design.  Goddess of the Galaxy™ Barbie® is clearly on her way to the next Sparkle Army party in this futuristic ensemble designed by Bill Greening.  Behold her fabulosity as she poses in her silver metallic and bedazzled corset, gobs of sparkling sequins and space cuffs on her arms and legs!  I am gagging over her for countless reasons (did I mention the thigh-high platform boots?), but mainly because I simply must have her and secondly- how am I going to top this outfit?


Here I was, ready to feature “All American Girls” as today’s Sparkle Video seeing that July 4th is just around the corner, but then this dazzling number turned up and I said “THASIT!”.
I couldn’t look away from this gem of glittering proportion and I’m sure you can easily see why because “Reach Your Peak” stole the spotlight with its EVERYTHING.  The lovely ladies of Sister Sledge, sparkled out to the max, getting sassy and sultry on a dance floor filled with flashing lights, disco smoke and laser beams is nothing less than spectacular.  Seriously, sparkle tops and pants?  Usually we see one or the other, but that’s exactly the right move when you believe More is More and lead singer Joni’s twinkling jumpsuit deserves special mention for working those star filters overtime.  By the way, starting today, this song is my new motivator for any day I feel “the lazies” coming on, which happens often in summer.  I think this sexy tune will keep me focused and working hard toward my goals and one of which, by the way, is another fabulous Sparkle Army party so stay tuned Soldiers!