Today is not the first time Marc Almond has been featured on Sparkle Video Day and it probably won’t be the last considering his angelic voice, perfectly coiffed hair and endless supply of sparkle tops.  However, “Tears Run Rings” is my absolute favorite and in this special live performance we get to see him command the stage in full twinkling splendor thanks to gobs of red sequins and that marvelous invention, the star filter.  Watching those light beams dance across him while he sings to the audience is pure magic which is further enhanced by his excellent choice of luminous glitterized skin.  Now on the flip side, as much as I love this song, it seems the person responsible for adding the lyrics to the video fell asleep on the keyboard resulting in complete nonsensical gibberish.  I’m not sure why no one else noticed this, but I hope it gets corrected soon with the only language that matters… Sparkle Speak!