I’m not sure how I made it through the 80’s learned about all the fabulous music from the 80’s without ever hearing this song, but now that I’ve found it I will never let go because I’m OBSESSED.  Sure, sure- there’s gobs of flashing lights, outfits of metallic brocade amongst other supreme 80’s fashion and even a gong, but I’m smitten with today’s Sparkle Video from Fox on Fox for other reasons.  One is that they’re an obvious precursor to Army of Lovers, of whom I’m also a fan, but also because “Precious Little Diamonds” has truly latched on to me like no other song.  Perhaps there’s no way to not love a song about diamonds, but I think it’s more about the down-tempo groove laying sensuously below falsetto vocals and a heavy bass line.  Yup- that’s it.


Today’s Sparkle Video is truly of those classics that everyone knows. That’s because “It Feels Like I’m in Love” is bubbly like a sparkling glass of champagne and an an instant mood-lifter for whatever ails you.  Especially with visuals of Kelly Marie, who’s rocking early 80’s fashion in a jumpsuit accented with a glittering silver  belt (not enough, I know) and a coiffed crown of gloriously crimped hair.  Yes, Soldiers, it really was all the rage back then and I hear it’s coming back so get thee on ebay soon!  Now, let’s talk about what makes this video so special: the backup dancers.  All I can say is that as soon as I post this, I’m heading out to buy a lottery ticket and if I win, I will employ two men to dance just like this and most important, dress just like this and they’ll be with me at all times.  Armed with my “Squad of Fabulous”, it will be impossible to ever have a bad day because one glimpse at those snappy hips covered in shimmering spandex and I’ll be giddy with happiness.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I can write this off as an expense, being Da General and all.


Today’s Sparkle Video is a visual onslaught of disco outer space madness equipped with magical flashing light-up stairs.  A word of caution however, as the ladies of “Babe” seem like they’re getting ready to take off into what sounds like a classic disco track and then: BOOM!  At 15 seconds, the vintage Euro-pop kicks in.  It’s at this point I suggest you turn down the volume and put on some Patrick Cowley or Sylvester or anything that puts this situation right.  While it’s baffling as to why the producer of “The Kiss” made such an odd decision, it was so long ago it doesn’t really matter because the gift of this fabulous scenery enhanced by three gorgeous blonds dressed entirely in metallic gold more than makes up for it.


It’s International Women’s Day, but more important- it’s Sparkle Video Day and that’s why today’s clip is the embodiment of this spectacular combo.  Let’s celebrate our accomplishments as the fairer sex while we watch the stunning Madleen Kane slink around the stage in a full length red sequin backless gown and modeling her “supreme tribute to hot rollers” hair.  Plus- she’s singing about every girl’s best friend: Diamonds!  She’s the personification of disco fabulous from head to toe and that includes her perfect makeup and glossy red lips.  If could look like this for one day, I’d wish for more days so I could look like this always.




I vowed to never post a video from YouTube’s Vevo because they can’t be viewed in some areas around the world.  That’s something I find totally unacceptable as our Soldiers are global and intergalactic.  However, one look at this video from Diamond Rings and I melted like glitter covered butter!  How could I resist the charms of this tall, blonde mysterious man who proudly wears space outfits, lives among gobs of smoke, wears glasses tiled with broken mirrors and taunts me with eons of laser beams?  Top top it off, any song called “I’m Just Me” that espouses a “no excuse/no apologies” attitude about being who you are will always become my new favorite instantly.