The word for today is “motherload” because that’s exactly what today’s Sparkle Video is.  “Dancing Queen” features the ladies of ABBA in the outfits: slinky sequin catsuits with matching neckties(?) and boots.  Their disco ball-esque set is so effective at drawing you in to the mood as swirling dancers move all around them like a dream.  At approximately 2:56, the “light-up dance floor” on the stage kicks in for a dazzling grand finale and then to top it’s a karaoke video!  All this is just too much Soldiers, and when I say “too much” I mean perfect.  The motherload.


Multi-Sparkle Ear: APPROVED!

I saw this today and was so delighted that I had to take a photo.  This eye catching ear decorated in fabulous Multi-Sparkle belongs to Honey, manicurist to the stars, who is so rightfully proud of her dazzling good taste that she quickly turned around so that I could capture the other side.  She is a true believer in “More is More” and assured me that it never crossed her mind to go minimal with her colorful gemstones and Honey… that kind of style is always APPROVED!



For your pleasure on Sparkle Video Day, I have chosen to feature two videos of the same song by the same group because I honestly couldn’t decide which was more splendid.

Video A shows the Boys Town Gang performing their hit “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”  in a standard “lip-sync-to-track” moment but looking marvelous nonetheless.  The male backup “dancers” (something makes me think they’re not really dancers) are rocking their best matching leather daddy looks and Jackson Moore’s dress screams early 80’s disco fashion in the most fabulous way.  Batwing sleeves, down-turned metallic belt and draping made to move with her body as she slinks around on stage is purely top drawer!

Video B features an appearance on Top of the Pops where they’re singing live and feeling it!   In this version, the backup “dancers” are also backup singers and while they’re covered a bit more they still make sure to have guns fully exposed in matching electric red low-slung tanks.   As for the lovely Ms. Moore, all I can say is “eat your heart out American Apparel!”.  She is working full length black satin explosion like the Johnny Cash of Disco and I’m loving it!



The Multinauts

A while back Ronson went out and hired real live video specialists to create a dazzling promo for one of our parties.  They used all kinds of tricks to make him look like he was zipping around in outer space and it was pretty darn cool.  Well, check out The Multinauts who have totally raised the bar by making a Sci-Fi series of galactic proportion.  Aside from the usual things you’d expect from a show about space, they also wisely included a lot of special elements to make this series such a smashing success.  Cocktail parties, gobs of lasers, hot electro music and bitchy fetish queens are some of the fabulous things in their universe and I want more so I’m hoping they add a new episode soon.  Perhaps I should suggest they film one at the next Join the Sparkle Army party… but it will be called “The Multi-Sparkle-nauts”!



It’s been a while since we had some Rock n’ Roll on Sparkle Video Day and there’s no more glamorous, rockingess, sparkle-tastic one than The Gossips’s “Heavy Cross”.  First and foremost: OUTFIT!  Holla Beth Ditto!   This is a girl after my own heart and the personification of “More is More”.  Hair, makeup, nails, jewels- she is completely covered in fabulosity.  Even in her more casual look she makes sure to wear a sparkling black “T”, post-punk eye makeup and dramatic red lips.  As for the music, it’s right on point with how I like my rock which is hard hitting with lots of rhythm for dancing and this song rages with the passion in her voice.  I’d also like to give special sparkle kudos to the director for adding the flowing glitter effect that encompasses everything (exactly what glitter is meant to do!) and for lighting it all with star filters because just like me, that never gets old.


Escape Machine

This past Monday was my birthday and also the release date of “Escape Machine” and might I say, what a fabulous coincidence!  In fact, at first listen it was exactly like eating a piece of deliciously rich chocolate cake when that magical first bite sends shivers down your spine and jolts of electricity through your heart.  It’s still that way no matter how many times I play it and that’s because Sare Havlicek has left no frequency untouched on his latest concoction of sounds.  If I had to choose only one word to describe how it makes me feel, I would say “happy”, however there’s no way for me to choose one favorite track so here’s a small glittering taste.

The journey begins with “Diamondback, Pts. l & ll” which leads with an orchestrated string open that sounds like the beginning of a classical serenade and then KABLAM!  You are in space transport!  From there, the experience is a dazzling combo of Sare’s trademark cosmic instrumentals mixed with super catchy and hypnotic vocals and then sprinkled with a bit of funk.  Singer Hannah Mancini takes “Vibe On You” to a special place I like to call “the love child of Chic and Lisa Stansfield” and.. guess what?  There’s boys!  Yes, male vocals are also included this time around featuring Mitja and Charlie Denholm which add some new layers to Sare’s “cake”.  Perhaps it falls under the TMI category, but “White Noise Voice” gives me tingles in all kinds of places and speaking of tingles, if this was the 70’s “Burning Hot” would surely be on the soundtrack to one of those disco-tastic disco porn movies.  “Sense Station” kicks major-bass-ass and “12 Fingered Chime” takes me instantly to a hot summer night on a rooftop party watching the sun go down surrounded by good friends with smiling faces, sparkley cocktails in hand and makeshift dance floor going strong.  In other words, happy.

(Escape Machine is released on Nang Records)



One of the most fabulous things about being a Pisces is that you are on the same page with all other Pisces about basically everything, but when you happen to share the same exact birth date, it’s more like KABLAM!.  Such is the case with myself and devoted Sparkle Soldier Ana, who chose today’s Sparkle Video to kick-start our birthday celebration weekend (that’s right 3 whole days of disco balls, laser beams and sparkling cocktails!) and what a dazzling number of perfection!  A group after my own heart, Midnight Magic not only pays homage to a classic disco bass-line, but also honors the Word of Glitter in the most righteous way.  “Beam Me Up” truly has everything one could ask for including a trumpet playing alien,  whaling keytars , a glitter encrusted space warrior who casts “light-up-dance-floor beams” down to earth and a lead singer whose haunting vocals have a hint of the late great Teena Marie.  However, the most fabulous thing about Tiffany Roth is that she and I share the same makeup aesthetic, which I call the  “Sparkle Onslaught”, which defines itself as a look that has no glitter limits (as IF there ever would be!).  The best part of today is that they are playing live tonight at Le Bain which is where I’ll be, and so should you, in a cache of glimmering sequins.


Today’s Sparkle Video has several things that are near and dear to my heart: disco balls, animals, hot guys and sexified dancing.  Most of all, it features the ultra-fabulous Charo who has taken up the cause to ban bullfighting in her home country of Spain and here in “Dance, Don’t Bullfight”, she pleads her case extremely well.  I’m sure when given the choice, most people would choose boner grinding bedazzled beauties on the dance floor over watching an animal be tormented and killed – but that’s just my opinion as a professional veterinarian. However one look at Manolo, Charo’s adorable pet bull who also stars in this video, and I think you’ll agree that this cruel “sport” has got to go!  I will miss those tight toreador pants tho’… Cuchi Cuchi!

Magic Showerhead

It’s time to party in the shower Soldiers, because Magic Showerhead is here!  No more taking chances with disco lights near the tub because this fabulous fountain will not only supply your water, but also your dramatic lighting in dazzling multi-colors.  Ordering. Mine. Now.