It’s been a while since we had some Rock n’ Roll on Sparkle Video Day and there’s no more glamorous, rockingess, sparkle-tastic one than The Gossips’s “Heavy Cross”.  First and foremost: OUTFIT!  Holla Beth Ditto!   This is a girl after my own heart and the personification of “More is More”.  Hair, makeup, nails, jewels- she is completely covered in fabulosity.  Even in her more casual look she makes sure to wear a sparkling black “T”, post-punk eye makeup and dramatic red lips.  As for the music, it’s right on point with how I like my rock which is hard hitting with lots of rhythm for dancing and this song rages with the passion in her voice.  I’d also like to give special sparkle kudos to the director for adding the flowing glitter effect that encompasses everything (exactly what glitter is meant to do!) and for lighting it all with star filters because just like me, that never gets old.