Today’s Sparkle Video shows us what you get when you mix a classic by The Flirts, who look gorgeous in bedazzled black spandex, with colorful 80’s graphics: FABULOUS!  The sights and sounds in this clip of “Passion” seem designed to lead up to a giant libido meltdown, which could lead to sexy body moves and quite possibly, a hot and steamy dance floor make-out.  That’s just a warning Soldiers- proceed with caution.


Michael Jackson and the entire Jackson family have never been strangers to fabulous sparkle outfits, but today’s Sparkle Video shows MJ at his most dazzle-tastic. From his glittering silver boots to his gem-encrusted striped pants that accentuate his every move, to his matching sparkling top.  He’s truly a sight to behold!  This vision is made even more fantastic by the green laser beams dancing behind him, adding magical shapes and shadows to this performance of “Rock With You” and makes this timeless classic even more unforgettable.



It’s about time I let you in on a little secret.  Whenever I see the words “German TV” as part of a video’s title, I know that there’s an outstanding chance that it’s going to be chock full of fabulous outfits and today’s Sparkle Video is no exception.  While Abba has always been known for their splendidly over the top costumes, the ensembles worn for this performance of “Waterloo” have got to be their most showstopping ever.  Spandex, satin, sequins, metallics, mirror tiles, glittering instruments, space cuffs, platform shoes and even a magical CAPE.  I’m so out of breath already and then some freakazoid dressed like Napoleon shows up.  Soldiers, what we have here is called a KABLAM!


Once you get past Paul Stanley‘s shirtless rock n’ roll intro, today’s Sparkle Video is abuzz with visual delight featuring a bedazzled Ace Frehley.  Performing the classic “Back in the New York Groove” with his glittering light-up guitarAce and the Kiss crew are the perfect example of why the Sparkle Army loves both kinds of music: rock n’ roll and disco. Aside from loving the sounds, the reason is that both genres use the required elements of fabulous, such as show-stopping outfits and a stage of filled with flashing lights, which is the only way true Superstars roll.

Yes Soldiers- I’m back!  Back in the Sparkle Groove- yeah!


Marc Almond is a my hero in more ways than one.  First- he’s got the voice of an angel from heaven, Second- a never ending closet of glittering sparkle outfits and now he proves once again why he’s the “King of Fabulous.”  In today’s Sparkle Video, “Glorious”,  he’s saying, “Bite me, Aging. I’ll just bedazzle my whole face”  And it works Soldiers.  It works!  What better way to take hold of the inevitable than to cover it with Swarovskis?  I really don’t care how old Marc Almond gets, because he’s forever beautiful to me.  However, RESPECT for sharing this dazzling new tactic.




Today’s Sparkle Video is all about cotton candy and sweet dreams.   Not literally, but I can’t help but think of those things every time I see Olivia Newton John and her flawless beauty and fabulous hair.  Everything about her has always been perfection and seeing her in this pink sparkle number complete with spandex disco pants makes me swoon.  Then top it off with backup singers in sequin tube tops and even more spandex, and it’s just off the darn charts!   The truly best part is that this dazzling clip of  “A Little More Love”  is not only a glittering way to start the weekend, but an especially great way to cure a hangover.   I don’t know about you Soldiers, but I’m feeling better already!



Today’s Sparkle Video features Italian dancer and songstress Heather Parisi, who could teach the world a thing or two about delivering a showstopping performance.  This clip is from Musikladen, which means it’s already fabulous, but she works it like no other so watch and learn Soldiers!

 First lesson:  Bring giant-sized black and white cutouts of yourself to give the set a spaced-out Metropolis feel.  Very effective!  Second:  Outfit.  Heather’s dazzling interpretation of the tuxedo consists of a bedazzled dickie that gives the tease of side boob, but yet her naughty bits are strategically guarded by flesh colored fabric.  To complete her disco-tastic formal wear style is the only choice that makes sense- black sequin hot shorts.   Third:  Back-up dancers.  Dressed in satin, sequins and spandex.  Get Some.




Today’s Sparkle Video is something I like to call, “Off Da Chain!”, featuring The Commodores.  Yes Soldiers, The Commodores, who even though their outfits have always sparkled madly, are mostly known for their sweet and sometimes tear-jerking ballads like “Three Times A Lady”, “Sail On” and “Lady”.  However, there was a time long before the pop charts when they were full of funk, and as witnessed by this clip from a fabulously stage-lit Soul Train, that they were outright “trippin’-on-acid-y” .  This instrumental performance of “Machine Gun” is two minutes and 36 seconds of heaven, watching the guys get down in their blue bedazzled jumpsuits accented with fluttering white feathers and magically lit with glorious star filters.  The whole thing makes me wish I could jump in a time machine and head over to the studio so I could bug-out on the dance floor and, if I’m extra lucky, maybe even get in on a line dance!


Today’s Sparkle video is so jam packed with dazzle you’re going to need sunglasses!   I chose “Just For You” because I want to make up for the fact that lately, I’ve been unable to post about all the fascinating things I usually do because of extra demands on my time.  However, as you know Soldiers, Da General is truly devoted to delivering Friday Sparkle Videos no matter what.  My apologies go out to all of you gagging for the next installment of Great Moments in Disco Fashion History and I hope to be back on track very soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this masterpiece of sparkle fabulosity-  but seriously, could we expect anything less from a group called The Glitter Band?  I think not.


Sibling groups were extremely popular in the 70’s and 80’s and today’s Sparkle Video features the adorable DeFranco Family starring super cutie Tony on lead vocals.  This teen heart throb along with his brothers and sisters are wearing outfits I’m pretty sure were made by Mom.  I must say that I applaud her genius idea of using sparkling animal appliques and then adding more extra bedazzled gems- fabulous touch!  Here they’re movin’ and groovin’ on colorful pinball looking stage singing their biggest hit ever, “Heartbeat”.  It sure is a love beat and still catchy as ever!