Today’s Sparkle Video is something I like to call, “Off Da Chain!”, featuring The Commodores.  Yes Soldiers, The Commodores, who even though their outfits have always sparkled madly, are mostly known for their sweet and sometimes tear-jerking ballads like “Three Times A Lady”, “Sail On” and “Lady”.  However, there was a time long before the pop charts when they were full of funk, and as witnessed by this clip from a fabulously stage-lit Soul Train, that they were outright “trippin’-on-acid-y” .  This instrumental performance of “Machine Gun” is two minutes and 36 seconds of heaven, watching the guys get down in their blue bedazzled jumpsuits accented with fluttering white feathers and magically lit with glorious star filters.  The whole thing makes me wish I could jump in a time machine and head over to the studio so I could bug-out on the dance floor and, if I’m extra lucky, maybe even get in on a line dance!