DISCO: The Book

James Brown once said, “Any problem in the world can be solved by dancing”, a sentiment that we echo and honor in the Sparkle Army.  Within our mission to spread the Word of Glitter, is to also have parties to bring people together to celebrate life, love, sparkles and freedom.  The freedom to laugh, smile, wear whatever we want (usually some kind of sequin number with glitter accents and bedazzled space cuffs) and to get down on the dance floor.  There’s no denying the sense of unity created when people are moving rhythmically under disco balls and laser beams, and this gorgeous phenomenon has been going on for decades.  As proof, I exhibit photos from the newest addition to my library of fabulosity, “Disco” by Roberta Morgen,  which are all accompanied by supportive captions.

Published in 1979, the theme of freedom and the priceless feeling that one gets from letting loose on the dance floor is consistent throughout this book.  It also offers us evidence that this powerful and sometimes religious experience was not exclusive to major cities. That’s right, dazzling on the dance floor was something that people everywhere joined in on (and still do!).  Check out this photo from the Lamar disco in Mississippi- with this kind of interior you can bet many fun and decadently free nights were had!

I must also give special mention to the makeup section because it’s almost as if I hopped in a time travel machine and wrote it myself, but alas, that’s impossible Soldiers (or is it?).  In any case, more proof that at one time, people everywhere had fabulous taste and made sure they looked their best while under flashing lights and through gobs of billowing smoke.

I’m so excited to now have this book in my collection because in addition to topics like music and fashion, it has a very strong message.  The message that dancing is an important part of life and that it’s something we need to feel happy, fabulous and most of all, free.  Plus, it’s also really great to know things haven’t changed that much.




As we start a long holiday weekend filled with nothing but rain, I felt that today’s Sparkle Video needed some extra pizzazz and nothing says “extra pizzazz” like Raffaela Carra singing latin disco.   As always, she is in a smashing ensemble, but what really makes this clip special is the multiple mens in skintight outfits made in my favorite color combination.  Their red, pink and orange tights remind me of delicious Fruit Stripe Gum, but this is much better because they come with a surprise package inside.  Topped off with electric red fedoras, these boys twirl, leap and high-kick right through the clouds and let the sun shine in, which makes me think that whoever “Pedro” is- he is one super fabulous guy!




Although I never met Donna Summer, she was a very important person in my life and the news of her passing yesterday covered me with extreme sadness.  Her influence touched me in every way and formed my ideals as a child-  I wanted to look like her, sing like her and dress like her.   I was captivated by her extreme beauty, flawless skin, perfectly applied makeup and luxe curly hair (mine was was horribly pin straight and thus began my love affair with hot rollers).  Her voice was strong and powerful, but also sexy and at times, angelic and her outfits- do I even need to mention her outfits?  Yes Soldiers.. yes I do!  Sparkling, shimmering and always at the height of disco fashion giving her the perfect stage presence to accompany her supreme talent.  Indeed, I spent hours listening to her albums, dancing in my bedroom and longing for the day I would be old enough to be inside a real disco and look fabulous while I danced under the glorious flashing lights.   Forward to today and here I am.

She was everything– a mentor, an idol and an icon and in her honor, I considered “going black” on Sparkle Video Day for the first time ever as a moment of silence.  However, after much thought I realized that was not the right thing to do, especially as Da General of the Sparkle Army.  It’s my duty to make sure that sparkling is our first priority, no matter what comes our way.  This is our duty and together we will continue to bring light, love, sparkles and Sparkle Videos to the world and that, Soldiers, is exactly how we honor Donna Summer- forever The Queen.


Disco Commercials: Just Pants

This “Just Pants” store commercial from the 70’s features young partygoers with fabulous hair giving quite a sassy fashion show while they get ready for disco.  Or perhaps they’re just getting ready for school- who knows?  All that really matters is that they look hot because “Every day is Saturday night when you’re lookin’ right!”

VIEWER IMPRESSION:  I’d shop there!



Today’s Sparkle Video is such a treat in that “Klaus Nomi meets George Michael” kind of way.  The first look at Ivan Cattaneo, with his reflective mirror outfit, bizarro goggles and snazzy gold metallic boots screams “I’m totally New Wave!”.   Instead he rolls out “Polisex”, a smooth groove backed by the sultry sound of the saxophone while he performs some fabulously dramatic dance moves.  GOTCHA!  Now, about the group:  I don’t believe this is an actual band, but his “Besties” who like to rock an outfit, but who better to bring on television with you?  Especially when you’ve got people like the silver keyboard player and the soldier guy playing the high-hat who are totally feeling it (freeze the frame at 0:35.. it’s magical!).  The 80’s truly was a time when people strove to look unique and they do it smashingly.  In fact, the whole thing is so mesmerizing, it’s almost too much!  Almost.


Disco Deodorant: APPROVED!


Marketing is everything as we can see here from this disco-tastic Degree Deodorant packaging.  I went to the store to grab my longtime favorite product that I was totally devoted to, when I caught a glimpse of this.  In fact, it was calling to me from the shelf saying, “Hey General, I’m a Sparkle Soldier too!  I’ve got a disco ball, a glitter cap and I’ll protect you all night on the dance floor… for up to 24 hours!”.  Well, there was no way that I wasn’t going to take that challenge, Soldiers!  Especially now, because the season’s outdoor dance parties are about to kick in and having this kind of encouragement, support and devotion is 100% APPROVED!


Amazing how fast a week can pass and then KABLAM!  It’s Sparkle Video Day again!   In all honesty though, it couldn’t have come fast enough for me because I’ve been gagging to share today’s clip with you.  I’m in love with everything that’s being showcased here from the hazy focus to the bright colored outfits (in a palette that’s all the rage right now) and especially the super sexiness of “Shy, Shy Sugarman” performed by Jack’s Project.   A hot number that starts out with “Some get the glitter, some get the gold… “, is an all out attitude fest because these girls ooze with fabulous bitchiness, especially the one in the yellow.  In fact, they’re that much sought after combination of being both the popular girls and also the very, very bad girls.  I must also point out that special honors go to the lead singer for knowing how to work in maximum hand shots to show off her press-on nails… as any of us would do.